Resins for Waterproofing of Buildings

  • Plasto Fiber-Reinforced Elastomers and Hyper-Elastomers in Waterproofing Foundations;
  • Elastomeric Waterproofing Systems on Green Roofs and Roof Gardens;
  • Composite Systems with High Permeability to Water Vapor in Waterproofing Flat Roofs, Terraces and Balconies:
    • "Tile Direct Bonding" System
    • Quartz/ Resin Finish
  • Waterproofing Very Highly Trafficable Flat Roofs
  • Protecting and Renewing old Bituminous Membranes

Water and Water-Oil Repellent Treatments for Absorbent Materials

  • Simple Water Repellents Solutions and Emulsions
  • Consolidation Water Repellents
  • Water Reppellents against Saltpetre
  • Biphasic Water Repellents for Ultimate Treatment of Absorbent Structures

Dehumidifying systems and horizontal barriers for monitoring rising damp

Counterthrust Waterproofing Coatings

  • Osmotic Cements with Capillary Penetration;
  • Using Macroporous Systems against Condensation;
  • Laying Systems for Moist and Wet Substrates:
    • Epoxy Emulsion Systems
    • Installation Systems for "Green Concrete"

Protective and Aesthetic Treatment of Concrete




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