Resin coating realization - HOSPITAL FLOORS and WALLS

Coating realization


Nord Resine recommends for this type of intervention the STRATOFLEX cycle, in its self-leveling version, that is easily sanitizable by a simple hand or mechanical washing, specific for dry areas.

  • After preparing the surface according to the specific paragraph and after the required compulsory coves are done,

apply STRATOFLEX colorato by self-leveling in accordance with the requirements of the technical data sheet.

Optional To increase scratch resistance apply a coat of NORPHEN 200 HCR COLORATO thickened with 2% SILICA using a shorthaired roller for a coverage of approx. 80 grams / sqm



The recommended cycle for walls in the health care sector is NORPHEN FOOD COLORATO, which shall be applied in one or two coats of your choice, with a roller.


Since the color choice for NORPHEN FOOD is limited because of the limitations imposed by the specific sector, for colors other than those in the list you can use NORPHEN FOOD BIANCO (WHITE) as a base coat and two coats of NORPHEN 200 COLORATO as a finish.

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