Realizing a coating for a multi-purpose sport field

Multi-purpose sport field coatings designed for application on concrete subbases must consist of a layer of elastic resin of a minimum thickness of 2 mm, capable of allowing the athlete to absorb the impact whenever a foot hits the ground without hindering movement.

Nord Resine recommends using NORDSET.

Realizing the coating


  1. First of all, the concrete must be prepared to prevent moisture to escape from the bottom and to be drawn up trough the pavement consequently causing the formation of bubbles on the coating. For this reason the cycle foresees a coat of NORPHEN SW SOLID diluted three times with water and then skim coating with NORPHEN W3 IMPERMEABILIZZANTE charged with quartz 0.7 to 1.2 and broadcast to excess with quartz 0.3-0.9.
  2. After hardening, once the excess quartz is removed, sand the surface and vacuum remains.


Applying the Product

  1. The coating layer shall be applied with a steel spatula, after adding quartz 0.1 - 0.6 to NORDSET.
  2. To complete the coating application, a coat of NORDSET shall be applied using a roller.
  3. The delimitation strips can be realized with either NORDSET GIALLO (YELLOW) or NORDSET ROSSO (RED) upon request.


  • The ideal primer for treating concrete even in the presence of a moisture content provided is not higher than 5.5% (carbide measuring) is SOLID.
  • For indoor use we recommend
  • HELASTON COLOR, that shall be applied in a single self-levelling coat with a notched steel spatula, 
  • The delimitation strips can be realized with TIPEWAL available in all colors of either the RAL or the NCS scale. 

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