Adhesives for construction joints and structural adhesives

Adhesives for construction joints and structural bonds for the building and construction sector. Contact an agent Nordresine now to find out the technical advantages and applications.

Liquid Adhesive for Screeds and GROVE Systems

GROVE PRIMER is a watery additive consisting of high molecular weight elastomeric polymers that, once added to cementitious systems, considerably increase their gripping properties on “difficult” surfaces.

Epoxy Sealer

NORPHEN RICRETE is a two component solvent-free product, consisting of: component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers; component B: copolymerization amine. The product is capable of impregnating the …

Polymeric Additive for Mortar and Concrete

SUPERLATEX is a formulation consisting an aqueous emulsion of a flexible copolymer, emulsifiers, stabilizers and additives. SUPERLATEX, once added to a sand/cement mortar, greatly increases its anchoring …