Consolidating, Impregnating Agent


AMIANTOFIX is a compound based on polymers dispersed in water, additives, pigments and inorganic fillers. Once fully cured, the material exhibits good resistance to weathering and bacterial attack.

Usage field

AMIANTOFIX is used to treat cement artefacts and in particular to consolidate asbestos cement (AC) sheets covers to prevent the dispersion of fibers into the environment so as to help either fibers removal or disposal. This product can also be applied to friable or degraded artefacts. AMIANTOFIX is classifiable as a "Type D" encapsulant, based on the Decree of the Ministry of Health dated 08.20.1999 (OJ No 249 of 10.22.1999).


Either 5 or 25 liters tanks


Consolidating, Impregnating Agent


The method of application is divided into three phases:

  • Safety Systems Preparation: first of all, both appropriate scaffolding and guardrails systems shall be erected around the building to ensure applicators safety during application.
  • Product Application: spray AMIANTOFIX to the upper face without any preliminary washing.
  • Artefact removal: allow at least half an hour prior to proceeding with removing the sheets and treat also the lower face with AMIANTOFIX.

If tools are used to drill or cut the sheets, add AMIANTOFIX to the tool cooling water.

Tool cleaning

Tools shall be cleaned with water if the product is still fresh; if the product has hardened, it can be removed by mechanical means.


Consolidating, Impregnating Agent

Average Consumption

Coverage depends on the substrate absorption rate; the recommended minimum consumption is equal to 0.15 - 0.20 kg/m2.


Consolidating, Impregnating Agent


This product is available in its oxide RED VERSION.


Bulk Density, UNI EN ISO 8310


1.01 ± 0.03

pH, UNI ISO 8311


8.0 ± 0.2

kinematic viscosity (cup 6 ISO 976)


83 ± 3

Solid residue at 105°C (B tab. A2), UNI EN ISO 3251


18.0 ± 0,3

Superficial Exsiccation Time, (23°C, 50%RH), UNI EN ISO 9117-3


22 ± 3

Curing Minimum Time(23°C, 50%RH)


> 7

Minimum Temperature of Film Formation



Application Temperature


from +7 to +40

Impermeability to Water, UNI EN 1928 (method A, 24 hours, 60 kPa)



Permeability to water vapour (23°C), DIN 52615


< 1000

Ultimate elongation, UNI EN ISO 527-1 (FORM 5° UNI EN ISO527-2, 23°C)


17 ± 4

Dry Film Thickness (23°C), UNI EN ISO 2808


180 ± 10

Amounts to Be Applied (to a thickness equal to 45÷5 µm)


0.25 ± 0.03

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to on the table. 


Consolidating, Impregnating Agent

Warning and informations

Work must be stopped in case of threat of rain, snow or fog and when the temperature is below +7 ° C.


24 months in original packaging in a dry and covered place at temperature ranging from +5°C to +30°C