Bituminous Adhesive


BLACK TACK is a thixotropic mixture of elastomeric polymers dispersed in water, bitumen, emulsifiers and additives.

Usage field

BLACK TACK is suitable for bonding insulating panels made ​​of polystyrene foam, cork or other solvent sensitive plastic materials. Due to its waterproofing properties it can be used for the production of surface waterproofing coatings in foundations, retaining walls and coverings under roof tiles.

Once mixed with cement and aggregates it can also be used for repairing small cracks in asphalt pavements.


4 - 9 and 18 kg containers 


Bituminous Adhesive


The installation technique is divided into three steps:

Substrate Preparation:

  • gluing operations must be preceded by a thorough cleaning of the surface;
  • it is recommended to wash with a pressure washer to remove dust, oil, grease, old adhesive layers, or inconsistency that may affect the final result;
  • any surface depressions must be compensated with a specific material: RASANTE 1200 or RASANTE 1200 S.

Checking the Nature of the Substrate:

  • preventively carry out on a small area of the surface a BLACK TACK test application to control porosity level and assess the exact absorption rate. If this rate is so high that it affects the time useful for bonding, proceed with the application of BLACK TACK as a base coat, diluted with 20% water.


  • apply BLACK TACK either to specific points or all over the surface and proceed with bonding, after initially checking the panel surface wettability.


Bituminous Adhesive

Average Consumption

As an adhesive for insulating panels: 2÷3 kg/m2.


Bituminous Adhesive


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1.20 ± 0.05

pH, UNI 8311


8 ± 1

Apparent Dynamic Viscosity, ISO 3219


3500 ± 500

Residue at 110°C, UNI 8309


60 ± 5

Curing Minimum Time


> 7

Minimum Temperature of Film Formation


< 5

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to on the table. 


Bituminous Adhesive

Warning and informations
  • Thoroughly mix the product inside the containers before use using drill and impeller.
  • The works have to be stopped in case of rain, snow, and when the temperature is below +5°C.
  • Clean equipment thoroughly with WATER.
  • The product is not dangerous, nonetheless a Material Safety Data Sheet is available.

24 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Frost sensitive.