Concrete repair

Products for concrete repair: mortar and grout, water repellant and stain resistant, anti-oxidants. Contact Nordresine for all the technical and operational advantages.

Epoxy Impregnation Compound
for FRP Systems

CARBO BASE is a two component product consisting of: component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers and additives; component B: copolymerization amine. Once fully cured, the material becomes yellowish and …

Epoxy Base Coat
for FRP Systems

CARBO FONDO is a two component product consisting of: component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers and additives; component B: copolymerization amine.   Once fully cured, the material is transparent, …

Epoxy Skim Coat
for FRP Systems

CARBO STUCCO is a two component product consisting of: Component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers, fillers and additives; Component B: copolymerization amine.

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Ribbon for FRP Systems

CARBOFILL is a standard carbon fibre ribbon featuring high unidirectional resistance, that once impregnated with specific products from the NORPHEN CARBO range gives rise to a composite material with very high …

Passivating grout for reinforcement irons

CEM-OX is a one component product based on cementitious binders, polymer powders. CEM-OX is specially formulated both as a reinforcing steel corrosion protection and for the construction of adhesion bridges …

Water-repellent, anti-stain and anti dirt agent for in-sight concrete

DRY CONCRETE is a monocomponent, extremely fluid and ready to use fluorinated polymer in colourless solution; Once applied on a concrete surface (or even on an other absorbing building material), DRY CONCRETE …

GROVE® 30 » 
Smoothing Mortar
for Masonry Surfaces

GROVE 30 is a one-component, powder premix based on cement binders and siliceous aggregates, that is water repellent, highly thixotropic, fibre reinforced and characterized by the absence of both shrinkage and …

Fast-Setting Fibered Mortar for Concrete Restoration

GROVE RAPIDO is a mortar to be mixed with just clean water, that gives rise to a thixotropic mixture, ideally suited for the reconstruction of missing parts of concrete structures. It is ideally suited for …

Anti-Carbonation Concrete Levelling Compound

GROVE RASANTE is an anti-carbonation levelling compound for concrete based on cement, selected aggregates and special additives for the ideal finishing treatment of surfaces previously restored with GROVE …

Fiber-reinforced mortar for Concrete Restoration. CE Marked, in compliance with EN 1504-3

GROVE RIPRISTINO is a fiber-reinforced mortar with normal setting time and compensated shrinkage, suitable for restoring missing parts on degraded concrete elements. It is ideally suited for realizing very …

Deep-Penetrating Antioxidant Compound
for Concrete Reinforcement Iron Bars

IRONSAFE is a colourless liquid in an aqueous solution that once applied to the surface of any concrete artefact, penetrates deeply into it until reaching the reinforcing bars where it acts as a corrosion …

High Strength, Fast Setting
and Non-Shrink Grout

MALTAFIX Malta is a pre-mixed and ready to use grout to be mixed by simply adding clean water. The product forms a thixotropic mix that sets within 20 minutes (at +20 ° C) and reaches high strength within one …

Protective anti-carbonation paint
for outdoor concrete

NORDCOLOR is a mono-component product based on plastomeric polymers, modifying agents, pigments, additives and water. The product, once applied to any building surface, gives rise to a coloured film, resistant …

Fiber-Reinforced Non-Shrink Thixotropic Mortar

NORDGROUTH TIXO is a premixed powdered mortar to be prepared by just adding water to obtain a ready to use mortar characterized by great properties as it is: fibre-reinforced; non-shrinking; waterproof on …

NORDRY 200 P » 
Solvent-based water repellant protective treatment

NORDRY 200 P is a product based on functionalized oligomers and polymers capable to react chemically with inorganic mineral surfaces and make them water repellant, without affecting colour and initial …

Thixotropic Epoxy Putty

PLAST-EPO is a solvent free, thixotropic, two component , epoxy adhesive and repair mortar. Thank to its particular formulation, PLAST -EPO can be smoothed 24 hours after application. PLAST-EPO is also the …

Rust converter

REDOX is a specially developed compound made up of  functionalized polymers, gallic acid (converter), modifying agents and additives. It was specifically designed to chemically react with rust, turning it …

Elastomeric Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane

RIVENORD LAST is a water-based coating consisting of a dispersion of elastic copolymers, modifiers, additives, pigments and very fine fillers. Once fully cured, the film exhibits excellent water proofness and …