Thixotropic Epoxy Putty


PLAST-EPO is a solvent free, thixotropic, two component , epoxy adhesive and repair mortar. Thank to its particular formulation, PLAST -EPO can be smoothed 24 hours after application. PLAST-EPO is also the ideal product for high performance bonding on various building substrates.

Usage field

PLAST-EPO can be used as follows:

  • Floors small cracks sealing;
  • adhesive for small size building elements;
  • different kind of adhesive for walls, natural stone, iron and wood;
  • broken furniture repairs;
  • tiled surfaces joints repairs;

PLAST-EPO in combination with TILEPUR BASE adhesion promoter is the product of choice for the installation of rubber profiles belonging to the series NORDSEAL TAPE.



  • it is a thixotropic product, consequently it does not drip when used on vertical surfaces for applications up to 1cm thicknesses;
  • exhibits excellent adhesion to metal substrates;
  • as an adhesive is very tenacious;
  • it does not shrink;
  • is easily sanded with abrasive paper or screen;
  • it comes in a compact package for an easy and ergonomic mixing;
  • its mixing ratio is 1:1 both by weight and volume;
  • the colour uniformity corresponds to the homogeneity of the mixture. Existing streaks call for better mixing.

2 kg kit consisting of 2 combined buckets of 1kg each (A + B).


Thixotropic Epoxy Putty

Product preparation

PLAST-EPO can be mixed by hand or with a low speed mixer:

  • open the main pack, which contains component A besides the pot of component B;
  • Open the pot of component B and pour it into component A;
  • mix the two components until a uniform grey colour mixture is obtained;
  • a smaller amount of a full pack can be mixed, if abiding by the 1:1 cross-linking ratio both by volume and by weight;
  • while mixing PLAST-EPO, it must be kept in mind that its pot life (see the Specifications table) decreases when the temperature and the amount of mixed product increase.
Product application

As a filler:

  • thoroughly clean the surface to be filled by removing any loose bodies by brushing, sanding or grinding;
  • thoroughly de-dust the area to be treated;
  • apply PLAST-EPO with a flat putty knife;
  • remove as much as possible all existing product burrs;
  • Wait at least 24 hours before sanding.

As an adhesive:

  • remove all brittle coatings or paint from the surfaces to be bonded by chemical stripping and / or brushing, sanding or grinding;
  • all rust or oxides must be removed from metal surfaces by brushing and / or sanding. Blasting (purity grade Sa 2 ½) can also be performed according to ISO 8501-1 or SIS055900;
  • apply a PLAST-EPO layer to both surfaces to be bonded making sure that the product penetrates well into roughness;
  • hold for at least 2 hours;

In combination with NORDSEAL TAPE:

  • make the housing for NORDSEAL TAPE joint cover ready and perfectly dedust it;
  • rub NORDSEAL TAPE with a clean cloth soaked in TILEPUR BASEso as to remove the dust;
  • allow a few minutes for NORDPROM to dry and then fill all the housing with PLAST-EPO and let the NORDSEAL TAPE joint cover adhere over the wet product.


Thixotropic Epoxy Putty

Average Consumption
  • 1 kg of PLAST-EPO produces a volume of approx..0.67 litres.
  • When used as a filler, 1.5 kg/m2 is to be used to provide a thickness of 1mm.


Thixotropic Epoxy Putty


Bulk Density, UNI 8310

g / cm3


1.48 ± 0.05


1.50 ± 0.05

A + B

1.50 ± 0.04

Apparent dynamic viscosity (A + B), 23 ± 2 ° C 50% RH, ASTM 7 7 spindle RPM UNI EN ISO 2555

mPa × s

700000 ± 10000







A + B


(approx.RAL 7044)







A + B

thixotropic mixture

Active substance content (A + B)


99.80 ± 0.02

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion, UNI EN 1770

K -1

(85 ± 5). 10 -6

Application Temperature


between +5 and +30

Pot-life (1 kg A + B)


5 ° C

140 ± 20

10 ° C

80 ± 15

23 ° C

25 ± 5

27 ° C

10 ± 3

mixing ratio (A: B)

by weight


by volume


Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to in the table.


Thixotropic Epoxy Putty

Warning and informations
  • Suitable utensils shall be used to protect hands, eyes and face: the product is irritating.
  • In case of contact with skin and eyes, wash thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.
  • Apply only on dry surfaces.
  • The product residue can be removed with ethyl alcohol or acetone before hardening. Pay attention to the surfaces solvent sensitivity before you proceed with cleaning. Once it has cured, the product can only be removed by mechanical means.
  • Wait until the product it has hardened before sanding.
  • Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.
  • Do not pour PLAST-EPO residues into drains or on the ground. 

24 months in original container in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5 ° C to +30 ° C. Keep away from sunlight.