Acid Descaler


NORDECAL FORTE is a formulation consisting of inorganic acids, surfactants and adjuvant additives, performing a balanced, descaling and cleaning action. The product contains hydrochloric acid and is therefore highly effective against mineral-based deposits that are difficult to remove using descalers based on other acids.

The product is also available in its viscous version: NORDECAL FORTE GEL.

Usage field

NORDECAL FORTE is used to permanently remove laitance and any excess liquid mortar, cementitious grout, mortar and skim coating from floors (such as terracotta floors, ceramic, stoneware and clinker) and vertical building surfaces (brick walls, concrete walls, ...); .

This product has a medium acidity level and allows descaling without being aggressive, especially against hydraulic binders and calcareous materials. 

Generally, this product is non-aggressive and does not attack the surface, however a preliminary test should always be done on a small and preferably not exposed section of the surface to be cleaned in order to verify its chemical resistance.

NORDECAL FORTE GEL contains hydrochloric acid which can give rise to corrosive mists: not recommended for use in environments furnished with steel furniture or steel furnishing elements or steel home appliances (unless it is stainless steel AISI 316L).


NORDECAL FORTE is used in particular for cleaning and descaling:

  • tiled floors;
  • new ceramic tile floors;
  • stoneware tiles or new clinker;
  • old floors;
  • exposed bricks and stones.

Do not use it on polished marble or slate.


NORDECAL FORTE GEL is also used to prepare new or old concrete floors (after removal-if any-of pre-existing treatments), for the application of CEM-O-LUX.


1 liter PE bottle, 5 and 25 liters PE tanks.


Acid Descaler


For personal safety, it is advisable to wear boots, protective clothing and a regular pair of resistant rubber gloves.


  • a triangular scraper;
  • floor cloths of jute;
  • if possible, monobrush fitted with abrasive fiber disks and a wet vacuum cleaner.

Product Application

On cotto floors:


  • pour NORDECAL FORTE, either undiluted or diluted with some water, on the floor and work over 12-15 square meters floor's sections at a time;
  • vigorously brush them with a broomcorn scrubbing brush or Scotch-Brite® (better with a moonobrush fitted with appropriate disks);
  • once the product's reaction has gone to completion dissolving all residues and it turns into a liquid mass, remove it all with rags and proceed with the rinsing of the treated area (a wet vacuum cleaner can make work easier);
  • for the most stubborn of cement residues help yourself with a triangular spatula;
  • proceed in the same way all over the floor.


On new ceramic floors:

  • dilute NORDECAL FORTE with 4÷5 parts water and wash the floor brushing only over the encrusted parts with a Scotch-Brite® or a mop;
  • rinse after use.

New clinker or stoneware floors:

  • dilute NORDECAL FORTE with 1 or 2 parts water and proceed as for ceramics.

Old floors:

  • pour NORDECAL FORTE undiluted or diluted half and half with water, then quickly brush;
  • rinse after use.

On exposed bricks:

  • dip a Scotch-Brite® into undiluted product and rub over the area to be treated;
  • rinse after use.

Acid cleaning after sealing:

  • allow all necessary time for the product to cure (see the grout Technical Data Sheet), then proceed with the cleaning of the tiled surface using NORDECAL FORTE diluted with 6÷7 parts of water;
  • pour it on the floor and wash brushing only the encrusted parts with a Scotch-Brite® or a mop.


Acid Descaler


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1.07 ± 0.05

pH, UNI 8311


< 1

Apparent Dynamic Viscosity, ISO 3219


20 ± 5



sweet almond







Content of active substance


16 ± 1

Height of the foam Ross-Miles method, ASTM D1173


0 mm after 4 minutes

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to on the table.


Chemical composition - REG. (EC) No. 648/2004

non-ionic surfactants

< 5%

anionic surfactants


cationic surfactants




hydrochloric acid

>15% <30%


This product contains surfactants with a minimum primary biodegradability of 90% and complete aerobic biodegradation in accordance with regulation (EC) No 648/2004.


Components requiring declaration - Annex VII, §A, REG. (EC) No. 648/2004

Preserving agents


Benzyl alcohol (CAS 100-51-6)

< 0.1%

Coumarin (CAS 91-64-5)

< 0.1%


Acid Descaler

Warning and informations
  • Suitable utensils shall be used to protect hands, eyes and face: the product is irritating.
  • After contact with skin and eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.
  • Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.
  • Only for professional use.

24 months in original packaging, in a covered and dry place. At temperatures ranging from +5°C to +30°C.