Latex for Cementitious Mortars


NORDLATEX is an aqueous dispersion of a blend of an elastomeric polymer, emulsifiers, stabilizers and additives. It is admixed with cementious mixes (without lime), in order increase their features, and substantially change their rheological behavior.

Usage field

Once mixed undiluted or diluted 1:1 in water with Portland cement, NORDLATEX leads to the formation of an adhesive cement grout ideallly suited for anchoring plaster of any type on either concrete or masonry of any kind.

Once directly added, NORDLATEX acts as a substantial modifier of mortars containing Portland cement for the realization of:

  • cold shuts;
  • repair mortar for maintenance patching;
  • plaster or casting very thick layers on old wrought plaster;
  • waterproof and frost resistant mortar.




NORDLATEX is available in 1, 5 and 25 liters containers.


Latex for Cementitious Mortars


NORDLATEX form of application depends on the type of the intervention required.

Anchoring Mortar:

  • remove all traces of loose parts, dust or release agents by washing or dry brushing;
  • apply a first coat of NORDLATEX (diluted 1.5 fold with water) to the surface to be anchored;
  • add to the NORDLATEX solution, prepared according to the previously explained procedure, cement and water until a slurry is obtained;
  • pour the slurry into the treatment area and within a few minutes, proceed with the application of subsequent layers, admixed or not with NORDLATEX.

Repair Mortar:

  • thoroughly wet the substrate an hour before beginning the application;
  • apply a coat of NORDLATEX diluted 1.5 fold with water;
  • prepare a mortar with sand and cement (possibly without lime), and instead of water, add a solution of NORDLATEX 1.5fold diluted with water;
  • proceed to applying the grout to the surface.

Plaster Base coat on Smooth Concrete:

  • wash the surface with a pressure washer (cold water);
  • prepare a slurry mixing two (2) parts of water with one (1) part of NORDLATEX and a sufficient amount of concrete to produce a very fluid grout, then apply a discontinuous rendering coat;
  • after a few hours, proceed to applying the plaster.

Plaster or Casting Very Thick Layers on either old or wrought plaster:

  • remove all loose particles and wet to excess at least one hour before starting;
  • apply a coat of NORDLATEX diluted 1:2 in water;
  • add to the water solution NORDLATEX cement until a smooth slurry is obtained and apply with a scrubbing brush to the surface to be bonded a few minutes before coating;
  • proceed with the application of either the plaster or the new casting, allowing no more than half an hour from spreading the grout.

Frost Resistant Waterproof Mortar - prepare the mortar as follows:

  • one part cement;
  • two parts of washed sand with no clay;
  • NORDLATEX diluted 1:1 in water.


Latex for Cementitious Mortars


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1.07 ± 0.05

pH, UNI 8311


9 ± 1

Apparent Dynamic Viscosity, ISO 3219


900 ± 200

Application Temperature


from +5 to +35

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to on the table. 


Latex for Cementitious Mortars

Warning and informations
  • Shake the packaging before use.
  • Do not use lime in the mix.
  • Do not use with salty sands: in case of need use NORDLATEX VA.
  • Do not apply at temperatures close to 0°C.
  • Avoid direct contact with copper and manganese.
  • The product is not dangerous, nonetheless a material safety data sheet is available.

Store in a covered at room temperature between +4 and +30°C. Stable for over two years.