Two component waterproofing flexible mortar


EP LASTIK is a two-components water-based flexible mortar consisting of:

  • component A: concrete ready mix;
  • component B: aqueous dispersion of polymers and additives.


EP LASTIK may be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and after curing forms a totally waterproof film with a good elasticity level.

The resulting layer is resistant to attack by thawing or de-icing salts, sulphates and chlorides and protects the substrate against carbon dioxide.

Usage field

EP LASTIK is used for:

  • waterproofing bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, swimming pools, etc. prior to tiling;
  • waterproofing of concrete water storage tanks or cisterns;
  • waterproofing of counterscarp walls or underground concrete walling units;
  • the flexible coating of concrete structures, in particular when they have an inadequate concrete cover to the reinforcement;
  • protecting cracked plaster or concrete against the penetration of water and aggressive agents;
  • protecting road and rail viaducts;
  • protecting concrete surfaces that could come into contact with seawater and solutions of thawing or de-icing salts.







Comp. A: 25 kg bag, on pallets of 56 bags

Comp. B: 7.5 kg can


Two component waterproofing flexible mortar


Preparation of the substrate

Take normal professional care by thoroughly cleaning all substrates in a workmanlike manner and removing loose parts, oil, grease, paint and anything that could prevent correct adhesion of the product.

Special preparations

1.Balconies and terraces:

  • treat the angle fillets and joints as described in the instructions for use of BETONGUAINA and BETONGUAINA.S; seal the cracks with NORPHEN RICRETE;
  • alter the pitch or slope (if necessary) with GROVE MASSETTO and GROVE PRIMER;
  • abrade the surface of tiles with BOSCH GBR 14 CA grinder, or wash with NORDECAL FORTE. Wet absorbent surfaces with water.

2.Concrete structures:

  • remove any cement laitance by specific abrasion; wash with water under pressure; damaged surfaces must be scarified and made good with products from the CONCRETE REPAIR range;
  • wet absorbent surfaces with water.


  • leave to cure for 1 or 2 weeks according to the thickness; if necessary consolidate with NORPHEN SW SOLID diluted 8-10 times in water and wait 2 days;
  • wet absorbent surfaces with water.

Preparation of the mix:

  • pour EP LASTIK comp. B into a suitable working container and add EP LASTIK comp. A while stirring continuously; mix thoroughly using a low speed mixer (500÷600 rpm);
  • mix until a smooth lump-free mix is obtained.


Product application

EP LASTIK may be applied with a trowel or by mechanical means.

With a trowel, apply a first thin render onto the substrate (wetted if necessary); then apply a second coat wet on wet to obtain a total thickness of at least 2 mm.

If the product is being applied to balconies, terraces, swimming pools, tanks, etc. or to areas subjected to particular stress, insert fibreglass mesh reinforcement (4 x 4.5 mm mesh) RETE DI VETRO 160 between the render and flush second skim coat; wait for the first layer to set before applying a second final coat of product.

By mechanical means, use a spraying machine with skim coat nozzle, taking care not to exceed a thickness of 2 mm per coat.

It is almost always preferable in soffit areas to insert mesh reinforcement since these areas are subject to particular stress: after laying the mesh, go over with a smooth sleeker and apply a second final coat.


Two component waterproofing flexible mortar

Average Consumption

It is necessary to apply approx. 1.7 kg/m2 to obtain a film thickness of approx. 1 mm.


Two component waterproofing flexible mortar


absolute density (A+B), UNI 8995



particle size (A), UNI EN 933-1


< 0.315

solid content                                                                                      A




45 ± 2

surface drying time, UNI 8904


8 ± 1

mix workability time


> 60

minimum film-forming temperature


+ 1

operating temperature


from –20 to +80

permeability to water, UNI 8202-21°



permeability to water vapour, DIN 52615


2200 ± 300

ultimate tensile strength, ISO 527


> 0.4

ultimate elongation, ISO 527


> 22

manually applied thickness



A : B ratio

10 : 3

Note: test methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table.


Two component waterproofing flexible mortar

Warning and informations
  • Do not apply onto substrates that are too warm due to a high summer temperature: in this case wet the substrate with water to lower the temperature and apply if possible in the afternoon.
  • Do not apply onto surfaces that are frozen or could freeze within 24 hours after application.
  • Do not apply with a single coat thickness exceeding 2 mm.
  • Wait for approx. one week before tiling over the product.
  • Apply at a temperature between +5 and +35°C.
  • Foot traffic: 24÷36 hours.
  • Complete curing under normal conditions: 7 days.
  • The product is not dangerous: a safety sheet is, however, available.



Comp. A: 12 months in the original packaging, in a sheltered, dry place, at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C; the product must be protected against damp.

Comp. B: 24 months in the original packaging, in a sheltered place, at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C; the product must not be allowed to freeze.