Adhesion Primer for Liquid Membranes


FONDO C60 is a fluid liquid made of polymers dissolved in a solvent which, when applied to a surface treated with various types of liquid membranes, creates the perfect conditions for the subsequent bonding of different further types of coatings.

Usage field

FONDO C60 has been specifically designed to solve all adhesion problems related to:

  • new, one  and two-component liquid membranes laid over existing old liquid membranes;
  • connection joints during the liquid membranes installation phase;
  • the laying of liquid membranes over coves and/or or joints previously treated with cured sealants;
  • one component liquid membranes laid over BETONGUAINA (BETONGUAINA.S);
  • two-component laid over BETONGUAINA (BETONGUAINA.S).

1, 5 and 20 litres metal containers


Adhesion Primer for Liquid Membranes


Substrate General Preparation:

  • thoroughly clean and remove all loose parts, including residual paint and removable glue;
  • if necessary, the substrate shall be sanded with a 180 grit sanding mesh.


Product Application:

  • shake the container prior to use;
  • apply with a roller or a brush.



FONDO C60 overcoatability time may vary from 30 minutes (in hot weather) to 24 hours: if maximum recoat time is exceeded, the substrate must be sanded and the product reapplied.

If it rains on the product before recoating, sanding shall be done and  the product reapplied.

When overcoating with epoxy products like NORPHEN POOL or polyurethanic products like NORDPUR SW, allow at least 4 hours before proceeding.


Adhesion Primer for Liquid Membranes

Average Consumption

60-70 g/m2 according to surface roughness


Adhesion Primer for Liquid Membranes


bulk density, UNI 8310


0.97 ± 0.02

kinematic viscosity (ISO cup 5 mm, 23±1°C, 50±10% RH), DIN EN ISO 2431


200 ± 10

minimum temperature of application



Note: The test method refers to regulations as indicated on the table


Adhesion Primer for Liquid Membranes

Warning and informations
  • Apply at temperatures ranging from +1°C to +35°C.
  • The tools used for the application of the product can be washed with solvent SOLVENTE PER DEKOR-POOL, ACETONE or nitro diluent.
  • Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS before use.

6 months in its original packaging, in a covered and dry place, at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.