Two-component elastomeric membrane


HELASTON COLOR is a two component product consisting of:

  • Component A: a mixture of emulsified functionalized prepolymers, additives and fillers;
  • Component B: prepolyisocyanates and solvent.


The two components react, giving rise to a mixed elastomeric material, resistant to temperatures, which can be applied with or without reinforcement to surfaces of various kinds to make a highly elastic, walkable waterproof coat resistant to abrasion. HELASTON COLOR adheres to various types of materials, provided they are dried.

This product is resistant to de-icing salts, UV rays and weathering, although it has a strong tendency to yellowing and this is the reason why you should choose strong colours or, alternatively, coat with a thin layer of coloured TIPEWALL.

HELASTON COLOR is available in the standard colours red, green and grey (many other colours on request) which undergo a slight yellowing over time.

Usage field

HELASTON COLOR is used to make waterproof coats on flat roofs,  treadable terraces, valleys, gutters, metal cladding and asbestos cement surfaces, especially when there is a requirement for high waterproofness on thin layers and total insensitivity to temperature changes, as well as ease of application.

HELASTON COLOR is particularly suited for surface coats on walkways and cycle lanes, sport installations, bowl courts, etc.


12 kg (9.8 kg + 2.2 kg in B)

24 kg (19.6 kg + 4.4 kg in B)


Two-component elastomeric membrane

Substrates preparation

1) Waterproofing system for tiled terraces:

  • wash with NORDECAL, brush, rinse and allow to dry;
  • apply NORPHEN W3 reinforced with a glass mesh in two coats with a trowel and allow 48÷72 hours for the product to completely dry;
  • apply a coat of self-levelling HELASTON COLOR for a coverage of 2.75 kg/m2 on;
  • the next day finish with a coat of coloured TIPEWALL broadcasting flakes on the surface;
  • after drying, sand and finish with TIPEWALL TRASPARENTE.

2) Concrete Flashing and Metallic Surfaces:

  • apply a coat of NORPHEN FONDO IGRO to cement and a coat of NORPHEN FONDO MA to clean and dry metals;
  • apply in subsequent coats HELASTON COLOR for a total coverage of 1.0÷1.5 kg/m2.

3) Asphalt Playgrounds:

  • on a thin asphalt mantle surface apply with a roller for a low thickness and to obtain a coverage of 1 kg/m2 or better, apply this self-levelling compound with a spatula after filling with quartz sand 0.1÷0.3 for a coverage of 1.5 kg/m2;
  • pitch lines shall be drawn with coloured TIPEWALL.

4) Bowls Courts:

  • see the specific NORDBOWLS technical data sheet.

5) Driveways:

  • the coverage for drive-over areas is equal to approximately 3 kg/mHELASTON COLOR must be broadcast with quartz sand 0.3÷0.8 before proceeding with the finish.

6) Anti-root Finish:

  • apply two coats of HELASTON COLOR with a roller, for a coverage of approx. 0.35 kg/m2.


Two-component elastomeric membrane

Average Consumption

To make 1 mm thick film, 1.25 kg/m shall be applied


Two-component elastomeric membrane


bulk density, UNI 8310


1.22 ± 0.05

apparent dynamic viscosity, ISO 3219


> 3000

pot-life, UNI EN ISO 9514


20 ± 10

superficial exsiccation time, UNI 8904


8 ± 2

minimum temperature of film formation


> + 6

impermeability to water, UNI 8202-21



permeability to water vapour, DIN 52615


> 2·105

tensile strength (film), ISO 527


> 45

tensile elongation at break (film), ISO 527


> 150

shore A, DIN 53505


> 50

ratio A : B

4.5 : 1.0

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to on the table.


Two-component elastomeric membrane

Warning and informations
  • If the package is only partially used, the components shall be weighed out before withdrawing, according to the weight ratio indicated on the label.
  • Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use.



12 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Cold sensitive.


Two-component elastomeric membrane