Anchoring Base Coat for Difficult Substrates Plastering


BETON TACK is an adhesion primer with a "granular effect" consisting of an aqueous dispersion of modified plastic copolymers and a mixture of sand with a grain size: it appears as a ready for use very fluid dough.


Applying BETON TACK modifies the surface to be treated, making it rough and creating a "bonding bridge" between the installation substrate and subsequent coatings.

Both the granulometric curve of the sand mixture and the modification of the binding polymeric dispersion are specifically designed to allow the best application of the product and spreading it evenly on the substrate .

Usage field

BETON TACK is used as an adhesion primer before applying either gypsum based or cement renderings and skim coatings, repair mortars or exterior insulation and premixed compounds for finishing systems (EIFS) on difficult surfaces such as:

  • smooth concrete;
  • precast concrete;
  • gypsum sheets;
  • plasterboard;
  • old walls plastered and smoothed with gypsum;
  • polished tiles;
  • wooden substrates (OSB, plywood, ...);
  • insulating panels;
  • aerated concrete;
  • in general for substrates that, because of their low water absorption capacity, do not allow the direct application of a plaster or a bonding agent (for example metal, plastic, with the exception of polyolefins). In this case, a preliminary adhesion test of the primer should be performed.

5 kg plastic drum

20 kg plastic drum


Anchoring Base Coat for Difficult Substrates Plastering


Substrate Preparation:

  • substrates must be dry, free of friable and detached parts as well as release oil;
  • room temperature as well as the substrate temperature must be higher than +5°C.

Product Preparation

BETON TACK is ready to use:

Mix the product in the bucket before using it with both drill and whisk/impeller (if a portion of clear liquid separates from its more solid elments on the surface after prolonged storage, this is not an indication of deterioration).


In case of application on extremely absorbent substrates that require a slight consolidation, BETON TACK can be diluted with clean water up to the maximum percentage of 20% on product, in this case, proceed as follows:

  • use a mixing container to dilute the product with 20% by weight of clean water (for example: 4 kg (or liters) of water to dilute 20 kg of product);
  • mix the diluted product with a drill and impeller/whisk until the dilution water is perfectly mixed;
  • once the product is fully mixed inside the mixing container, before the precipitation of the fillers, proceed with the application of the product.


Product Application

  • apply with a short haired roller;

Both room and the laying substrate temperature and can not be lower than +5°C. Either gypsum based or cement rendering should be applied only on BETON TACK after it has completely dried and hardened. The product drying time varies depending on both room temperature and substrate temperature (average waiting time: 3 hours).

Avoid deposition of dust on dry BETON TACK as it reduces the coating adhesion capacity.

Tool cleaning
  • if the product is still fresh: with water;
  • after the product has dried, clean tools by mechanical means.


Anchoring Base Coat for Difficult Substrates Plastering

Average Consumption

Consumption: approximately 300 g/m2.


Anchoring Base Coat for Difficult Substrates Plastering


The product is available in either its OXIDE RED or WHITE versions.


bulk mass, ISO 2811-1


1.45 ± 0.05

pH, UNI 8311


8.5 ± 0.5

maximum grain size



surface drying time (at +23°C)



average waiting time for subsequent overcoating



application temperature


from +5 to +35

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to on the table. 


Anchoring Base Coat for Difficult Substrates Plastering

Warning and informations
  • The product is neither capable of counteracting the substrate's movements made evident by the occurrence of shrinkage or flexural cracks, nor any major thermal expansion (floor beams).
  • This product can be diluted with clean water only: Do not add additives, cement or sand.
  • Do not dilute the product when used as an adhesion primer.
  • The product is not suitable for application in conditions of continuous immersion in water.

24 months in its closed original container, in a dry place at temperatures between +5 and +35°C. The product is sensitive to frost.