Adhesion Primer for Bituminous Membranes


FONDO IGRO SL is a one-component, solvent free, hygro-hardening, low viscosity product, specifically designed for use as an adhesion primer on bituminous membranes.

FONDO IGRO SL is easily applied by roller or brush and can bind to the membrane without causing chemical and physical alteration. In combination with a light broadcast of quartz sand carried out on wet product FONDO IGRO SL produces a very tough layer adherent to the membrane, that makes possible the application of mono-and bicomponent water-based membranes, such as BETONGUAINA, BETONGUAINA.S, NORTIG and AMIANTOPLAST, to the membrane itself.

Usage field

FONDO IGRO SL primer it is mainly used as a consolidation and adhesion primer for the application of water-based liquid membranes (BETONGUAINA, BETONGUAINA.S, NORTIG and AMIANTOPLAST) to bituminous membranes.


1-liter cans, 5 l tin, 20 l metal pail


Adhesion Primer for Bituminous Membranes


the membrane to be treated should be thoroughly cleaned. Any loose parts must be removed to avoid the propagation of defects, cracking or disbonding in particular, in the subsequent coatings;

  • open the package of FONDO IGRO SL, pour into a mixing container only the minimum product quantity required during work execution(considering the consumption rate);
  • apply with a roller or a brush, making sure that the product is evenly distributed on the membrane surface;
  • carry out within 15 minutes after the application of FONDO IGRO SL a light broadcasting with quartz sand 0.1 - 0.6;
  • allow at least 3 hours (at +25 ° C and 60% RH) for the product to cross-link under the effect of the atmospheric moisture and until it has hardened, becoming usable.

Note: At temperatures below +25 °C and humidity rate below 60% RH The curing speed decreases. Always ensure that the product has hardened before proceeding with further applications;

  • proceed with the application of the coating.


Adhesion Primer for Bituminous Membranes

Average Consumption

Average consumption: 150 g / m 2


Adhesion Primer for Bituminous Membranes


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1.15 ± 0.04



brown liquid

Apparent dynamic viscosity (ASTM 4 spindle, 100 RPM, 23 ± 2 ° C, 50 ± 10% RH) and UNI EN ISO


220 ± 50

Dry residue at 110 ° C, UNI 8309


100.0 ± 0.2

Surface drying time (tack free, 25 ± 2 ° C, 60 ± 10% RH), UNI EN ISO 1517


180 ± 30

Cross-linking minimum temperature



Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to in the table.


Adhesion Primer for Bituminous Membranes

Warning and informations
  • FONDO IGRO SL is a hygro-hardening product. It is advisable to close the container immediately after withdrawal and not to repot the product from the mixing container into the original packaging.
  • Tools used to apply the product can be washed with a solvent (acetone, alcohol, nitro diluents) before product has hardened. After it has hardened, FONDO IGRO SL can be removed only by mechanical means.
  • Store in a dry place away from sources of heat and sunlight.
  • The product is hazardous to health, read the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

6 months in its original packaging, in a covered and dry place. At temperatures between +5 ° C and +35 ° C.