Solvent Free Two Component Anchoring Base Coat


FONDO SL is a two component product made of :

  • component A: a mixture of liquid epxy pre polymers;
  • Component B: co-polymerizing ammine

When mixed, this product is ready to be applied, it is very fluid and self levelling and is useful as an anchoring layer between the support and further finishing products.

FONDO SL is formulated to harden in about 6 hours from application. It is possible to apply two coats in the same day and quicken the completion of resin covered floors.

This product makes an adhesive surface, ready to accept other epoxy resins or other compatible types, within 48 hours of its application.

Usage field

FONDO SL is used as:

  • a primer coat on dry surfaces of concrete, asbestos-concrete and wood;
  • base rendering with or without quartz addition, with or without skin dusting with quartz, in the preparation of supports before application of epoxy self levelling coatings (Fig. 1).



Fig. 1

  1. Substrate
  2. base rendering with FONDO SL
  3. self levelling coating (DECORLITE)



FONDO SL is available in containers of 3 and12 kg.


Solvent Free Two Component Anchoring Base Coat

Substrates preparation
  • support must be carefully examined to ensure that it is a proper and structurally sound base for this application;
  • depending on the conditions presented by the surface there will be a choice of treatment;

- acid wash
- sanding down
- diamond grinding;
- scratching;
- shot blasting.

  • Dust, grease, dirt, old adhesives or paint, efflorescence, moulds and other foreign material will be removed in this way.
  • Pitting and surface imperfections must be repaired with FONDO SL laden, up to 6 times the weight of initial product  (A+B), with mixed quartz sands.
Product preparation

Pour FONDO SL component B into FONDO SL component A and mix well with a professional stirrer.

Product application

Use a steel spatula (or roller or large brush) on dry supports to apply FONDO SL deeply, adding about 30% of combined weight (A+B) of quartz sand sized 0.1-0.2 mm. and then adding (if required) a top skin  of quartz sand size 0.1 –1.5 mm.

FONDO SL has a very good reactivity even at low temperatures; minimum drying time for the application of further coatings is dependant on temperature as per table below

  product version   

  temperature in °C  

  drying time in hours   











Other coating application

The application of other products must be done within 48 hours, unless the surface has been skin dust treated  with a layer of quartz sand (as described earlier).


Solvent Free Two Component Anchoring Base Coat

Average Consumption

Coverage varies:

  • 0,2 kg/m2 for roller application;
  • 0,45 kg/m2 circa, on an acid washed smooth surface;
  • 1,0 kg/m2 circa on a shot blasted medium depth surface.


Solvent Free Two Component Anchoring Base Coat


volume mass (A+B), UNI 8310


1,00 ± 0,05

shelf life UNI EN 9514



15  (at +15°C)

10  (at +23°C)



20  (at +1°C)

5  (at +15°C)

minimum curing time



application temperature Application



from   +15 to  +30



from   5 to  +15

ratio A:


Note: test method refers to the regulation reported alongside.



Solvent Free Two Component Anchoring Base Coat

Warning and informations
  • Mix components A and B in the precise dosage give; when making smaller mixes weigh component with precision scales.
  • When dealing with very absorbent surfaces (like old screeds) apply two coats of FONDO SL separated by 12-24 hours time.
  • Measure application room temperature to establish, on the basis of this important information, the product version to be used:


  temperature difference in °C  


from   +0 to  +15


above 15 °C


  • in any case bear in mind that this product bust be handled quickly, by a gang capable of working with continuity and good syncrhony, preparing the next batch of product precisely when the earlier one is running out without stoppages between one application and the next.
  • Depending on surrounding temperature, this product should be kept cool during Summer to avoid a too quick reaction time, and warm in the Winter because of likely crystal separation and loss of fluidity.
  • Read the Specification Sheet.

Store in a covered area at a temperature between  +4 and +30°C.