Two component protective primer


NORPHEN FONDO MA is a solvent based, two-component, epoxy film-forming, protective primer which when applied to oxidation (rust) free ferrous products, chemically reacts creating a film strongly linked to the substrate which makes it highly resistant to corrosion.

NORPHEN FONDO MA is an ideal primer promoting adhesion of subsequent aesthetic and protective treatments.

Usage field

NORPHEN FONDO MA is used to prime unoxidized ferrous metals before finishing. NORPHEN FONDO MA is not a rust converter, therefore chemically degraded areas must be adequately treated prior to application.


Packs of 3 kg, A+B:

  • Comp.A from 2.6 kg tins.
  • Comp.B metal cans of 0.4 kg


Two component protective primer


Area Preparation:

  • before application, the area must be thoroughly cleaned with different treatments depending on the type of metal:
  • steel sheets: remove rust, oxides or mill scale by brushing, sanding or, if possible, sandblasting to near white metal grade Sa 2½ as outlined by Swedish Standard SIS055900-1967. Remove dust, then wipe the surface with SOLVENTE PER NORPHEN or nitro diluent; proceed with the application of NORPHEN FONDO MA as soon as possible to avoid metal reoxidation;
  • galvanized steel sheet (electrolytic or hot-dip galvanized): remove greasy or oily substances by rubbing the area with SOLVENTE PER NORPHEN and a steel wool. Do not abrade with strongest means not to completely remove the zinc coating (especially in case of electro-galvanizing). Ensure that the surface is really clean, if not repeat the treatment. Proceed with NORPHEN FONDO MA application.




Product Preparation:

  • pour NORPHEN FONDO MA component B into component A container and mix for at least 2÷3 minutes with a professional mixer; when package is partially used, the dosage of each component must be performed (by volume or weight) in a mixing container, observing cross-linking ratio as indicated on specifications table.
  • then proceed with the application.



Product Application

  • The application can be carried out by roller / brush or by spraying with a spray gun or airless spray:
  • application with brush/roller: adjust (when needed) product viscosity with SOLVENTE PER NORPHEN and apply in 1 or 2 coats (within an interval of at least 2 hours and no more than 3 hours from each other at 23°C) taking care to achieve a uniform wetting of the substrate and realize a continuous enamel film;
  • application by spraying with a gun spray: the product can be applied undiluted or, if necessary, diluted with SOLVENTE PER NORPHEN (max. 10% by weight on A+B). Spraying parameters:



nozzle diameter


1.5 ÷ 1.8

air pressure


3 ÷ 4.5

  • application with airless: the product can be applied undiluted or, if necessary, diluted with SOLVENTE PER NORPHEN (max. 10% by weight on A+B). Spraying parameters:

nozzle diameter


0.018 ÷ 0.023

Air pressure


120 ÷ 170


  • When a second coat is needed, the subsequent overcoating treatment shall be performed within 3 hours following the operation modes described above.
  • The product, while having a pot life of approx. 6 hours, after application becomes tack free in a very short time (30 minutes at 23°C).


Two component protective primer

Average Consumption
  • For a coat: 120 ± 20 g/m2 equal to a 75 ± 10 microns film thickness of wet enamel.
  • Once dried, the resulting thickness of the enamel is 50 ± 10 microns.
  • Coverage per pack 3 kg: 25 ± 3 m2.


Two component protective primer


Bulk Density, UNI 8310



1.79 ± 0.05


0.90 ± 0.03


1.58 ± 0.04

 Apparent dynamic viscosity, A+B, 23°C

 (Brookfield ASTM G4, 50÷100 RPM), UNI EN ISO 2555


420 ± 50

 Tack free


20 ± 5

 Superficial drying time, UNI EN ISO 1517


60 ± 5

 Pot-life (viscosimetric method) 23°C, 3 kg package, UNI EN ISO 9514


6 ± 1

 Application Temperature


from+5 to +35

 Film colour



 60° gloss, UNI EN ISO 2813


10 ± 5 (opaque)

Crosslinking ratio, A : B

by weight

6.5 : 1.0

by volume

3.27 : 1.00

Note: test methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table.


Two component protective primer

Warning and informations
  • Follow product Specifications table to mix the precise ratio of NORPHEN FONDO MA components A and B.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation of the working area where product application is to be carried out and protect the respiratory tract during application with a(brown band) mask filter A or ABEK combined filter in compliance with EN 141.
  • Clean the equipment used during application thoroughly with SOLVENTE PER NORPHEN. After 48 hours the product can only be removed mechanically.
  • Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

24 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5°C to +30°C