One Component Primer
for substrates


RICRETE-1C is a ready to use mono component primer based on hybrid resins in water dispersion. RICRETE 1C ​​forms by rapidly curing a water resistant, rugged, compact film highly adhesive on shiny and non-absorbent, compact smooth substrates.

Usage field

RICRETE 1C ​​is used as an adhesion primer before applying either self-leveling or skim coat mortars with cementitious adhesives on glossy and non-absorbent substrates such as:

  • glazed ceramic coatings
  • stone coatings
  • PVC
  • linoleum
  • resin coatings (water or solvent based)

RICRETE 1C ​​can also be used as an adhesion primer on concrete and on non-absorbent and moisture-sensitive substrates, such as:

  • wood
  • gypsum
  • anhydrite.

RICRETE-1C is suitable for indoor use.

The product can also be used on heating screeds.

Typical examples of RICRETE 1C application are: the preparation of smooth substrates made of either glazed ceramic or porcelain stoneware as well as stone or resin to be overcoated by skim coats and self- leveling coats or by gluing tiles with cementitious adhesives or for the subsequent treatment of surfaces made of chipboard or wood for protection against moisture.


1 kg plastic jar

4 k plastic drum


One Component Primer
for substrates

Substrates preparation
  • the substrate to be treated must be dry, clean and free of oil, grease, wax, residues of glue, paint and other loose material;
  • if needed, rinse the laying surface with water and a specific detergent to remove any traces of grease, oil or waxes; then wait until the surface is dry, before proceeding;
  • on surfaces made of either linoleum or resin sanding should be carried out followed by vacuuming and dusting; in case of subsequent washing wait until the surface is dry before proceeding.
Product application
  • the product is ready to use and can NOT be diluted with water or other solvents;
  • thoroughly mix the product manually, or better, with drill and whisk/impeller to homogenize the contents: the presence of soft and easily dispersible sediment on the bottom is normal;
  • both room and laying substrate temperatures can not be lower than +1°C;
  • apply with a short hair roller in a single coat.


Curing of the product and subsequent applications

The subsequent coating must be applied directly on RICRETE 1C once it has ​​completely dried and hardened.

The product drying time varies depending on both room temperature and substrate temperature (average waiting time: 3 hours).

Avoid deposition of dust on dry RICRETE 1C ​​as this will reduce the adhesion capacity of the subsequent coating.

Tool cleaning
  • if the product is still fresh: with water;
  • after the product has dried, clean tools by mechanical means.


One Component Primer
for substrates

Average Consumption

Coverage: 120-150 g/m2.


One Component Primer
for substrates







blue, not covering

bulk mass, ISO 2811-1


1.18 ± 0.05

pH, ISO 976


9.0 ± 0.5

solid residue (125 ° C, 1 h, 2 g), ISO 1625


54.3 ± 0.5

dynamic viscosity, UNI EN ISO 2555


10000 ± 500

maximum grain size



minimum time for recoating                                             at +1°C

at +23°C




Minimum Temperature of Application



adhesion to glazed ceramic, ASTM D 4541 (pull-off test)


7.9 ± 0.4

adhesion to porcelain stoneware, ASTM D 4541 (pull-off test)


15.9 ± 0.4

adhesion to clinker, ASTM D 4541 (pull-off test)


6.6 ± 0.4

adhesion to concrete, ASTM D 4541 (pull-off test)


> 1.5

(cohesive failure concrete)

adhesion to linoleum, ASTM D 4541 (pull-off test)


2.1 ± 0.1

adhesion to epoxy, ASTM D 4541 (pull-off test)


5.4 ± 0.2

adhesion to polyurethane resin, ASTM D 4541 (pull-off test)


4.5 ± 0.2

Note: The test method refers to regulations as indicated on the table


One Component Primer
for substrates

Warning and informations
  • Apply at temperatures ranging from +1°C to +35°C.
  • Do not use RICRETE 1C outdoors.
  • Do not use RICRETE 1C in the pool.
  • Do not mix with other substances, nor diluted with water or solvents.
  • Not suitable for application on substrates that are either wet or affected by rising damp.
  • Do not walk on the treated area before the product is fully cured, i.e. within 1-3 hours from application.
  • Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

24 months in its closed original container, in a dry place at temperatures between +5 and +35°C. The product is sensitive to frost.