Finishing Wax


CEM WAX is a ready for use, protective agent based on wax emulsion, (supplied in a handy spray bottle) with a semi-gloss effect.

CEM WAX can be applied to surfaces previously treated with CEM-O-LUX to increase the shine and promote cleanliness.

CEM WAX leaves on your floor a light and permanent fragrance.

Usage field

CEM WAX is a product specifically designed for the protection and the maintenance of all surfaces painted with CEM-O-LUX.


0.5-litre PE bottle with sprayer


Finishing Wax


How to prepare surfaces treated with CEM-O-LUX

Any dirt, that has accumulated on CEM-O-LUX shall be removed with CEM CLEANER, a water-based alkaline detergent, diluted 1:5 by volume with water (1 litre of CEM CLEANER each 5 litres of water) and with a universal cleaning cloth.

Rinse with water (preferably warm water), carefully remove standing liquids and wait 1-2 hours to allow drying.

CEM CLEANER Coverage: 30-35 m 2 of undiluted product per each 1000 ml bag.

Wax Application

Spray CEM WAX directly onto the wax applicator and proceed with laying down the wax over the entire surface.

CEM WAX can be sprayed directly onto the surface only at temperatures below +20 ° C (in fact, at higher temperatures the wax that is on the floor could dry before being evenly spread with the wax applicator).

CEM WAX Coverage: 30-35 m 2 per each 500 ml. pack.

CEM WAX Curing Time

The minimum waiting time to allow pedestrian traffic and drive-over on CEM WAX varies with temperature:

Temperature [° C]

minimum waiting time for pedestrian traffic [hours]

+5 ° C


+23 ° C


+30 ° C



Temperature [° C]

minimum waiting time for drive over [hours]

+5 ° C


+23 ° C


+30 ° C


The timing described above for the transit of vehicles (drive-over) of CEM WAX implies that CEM-O-LUX is already transitable (see Technical Data Sheet).



Ordinary Cleaning

The cleaning of surfaces treated with CEM-O-LUX is to be carried out with CEM CLEANER diluted 1:5 by volume in water (1 litre of product each 5 litres of water) and scrubbing brush, universal cleaning cloth, industrial floor cleaning machine (and scrubber dryers machine as well) or single brush with a Scotch Brite ® white disk.

§ Rinse with water (preferably warm water).

CEM CLEANER Coverage: 30-35 m 2 of undiluted product per each 500 ml bag.

Wax Renewal:

The wax layer may be renewed, after ordinary cleaning, with CEM WAX applied with a wax applicator.

If the wax layer is deeply damaged or stained, it may be necessary to remove it and to lay new wax.

CEM WAX Removal and Re-Application

It is recommended not to use solvent-based strippers because they can damage CEM-O-LUX.

CEM WAX can be removed from the surface with STRIPPER PLUS diluted 1:6 / 1:8 by volume with warm water:

  • pour the wax remover onto the surface and spread it evenly;
  • Wait 10 minutes;
  • Then rub the floor with a rubbing brush or a monobrush equipped with Scotch Brite white discâ;
  • rinse with clean water;
  • Once it has dried, reapply CEM WAX.


Finishing Wax


Density (at 20 ± 3 ° C), UNI 8310

g / cm ³

1.015 ± 0.005

pH, UNI 24003


8.5 ± 0.1



yellow opalescent liquid



citrus and slightly ammoniacal

Application Temperature


+5 to +35

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referre


Finishing Wax

Warning and informations
  • Shake well before use.
  • The product is not hazardous to health, however, refer to MSDS before use.
  • Keep the product away from heat and direct sunlight, store it in a dry place.
  • The product is frost sensitive, store at temperatures between +5 and +30 ° C.

24 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5 ° C and +35 ° C. Frost sensitive.