Self-levelling decorative shaving agent


DECORLITE is a solvent-free three-component self-levelling epoxy coating consisting of:

  • Component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers and coloured doughs;
  • Component B: copolymerization amine.
  • Component C: a mixture of selected fillers.

DECORLITE  in just one coat allows to achieve floors containing bi-and poly-chromatic special colours and shades (flame effect), whose only aesthetic limit is given by the imagination and the skill of the applicator.

Usage field

DECORLITE is used to realize aesthetic flooring for the commercial and private building sector.



  1. Substrate
  2. Coat of NORPHEN FONDO SL primer

Kit (A + B + C) from 19.8 kg consisting of:

Comp. A: 4.6  PE bucket

Comp. B: 2 kg PE bucket

Comp. C: two bags of 6.6 kg


Self-levelling decorative shaving agent

Substrates preparation

Make sure before hand that the area is structurally sound, especially when the intervention is due on areas which, while operating, may be affected by rising damp phenomena.

Area’s existing conditions will determine the choice of  the required treatment between:

  • hot water pressure washing;
  • washing by means of acids;
  • sanding;
  • diamond grinding;
  • scarifying;
  • sand blasting

In this way dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesive or paint, laitance, rust, mildew and other foreign materials will be removed.

For areas of more than 5 - 10 mm, dips and inconsistencies must be filled with GROVE RAPIDO.


Specific preparation

Substrate with Existing Cracks Preparation

Before laying DECORLITE possible area pre-existing cracks must be sealed, the treatment to be performed depending on the type of crack.

  1. Stabilized Cracks

A crack is considered to be stabilized when it is formed during screed casting and does not cause continuous opening and closing movements.

The treatment is carried out by enlarging the crack with a diamond disc, carefully sucking dust and casting inside, until saturation, NORPHEN FONDO SL, previously thickened with 3-4% by weight of silica.

B. Moving Cracks (Figure 1)

By “moving crack” we mean a crack which tends to constantly open and close with notable amplitude.

The treatment is carried out by inserting 8-10 mm diameter steel rod crop ends inside slits made ​​by a diamond wheel at right angles to the crack, spaced about 50 cm from each other. Slits depth is to be of approximately 2-3 cm and the width shall be suitable for the diameter of the employed rods. After having sucked the dust from the slit, pour NORPHEN FONDO SL thickened with 3% by weight of silica, then insert the rod and cover it with NORPHEN FONDO SL thickened with 5-6% by weight of SILICA.

Preparation of the Area  before DECORLITE Application:

  • The substrate must be dry, have been cured for at least 28 days, and have a humidity content of up to 3% (carbide measured);
  • the area shall be scarified or diamond grinded;
  • apply a coat of NORPHEN FONDO SL primer, 0.1 to 0.6 quartz loaded.
Product preparation

Mixture Preparation

The particular DECORLITE aesthetic value is achieved during the application phase by creating different coloured "imperfect mixtures" of the product : to do this the presence of at least two operators is needed during mixture preparation and product application phases.

Example: two colour floor (colour 1 an 2):


1 - Preparation of the Two Separate Mixtures (colour 1 and 2):

  • Make sure that room and area temperature is at least +15 ° C and not higher than +35 ° C;
  • before proceeding to single colours mixing, three clean and metal containers shall be available;
  • homogenize component A of colour 1, pour it into a container, add component B and mix the two component (A + B) until mixture becomes homogenous; then immediately add component C and mix again until homogeneity is reached;
  • immediately after (or, if possible, at the same time) carry out the same operations for colour 2;
  • eventually the two separate mixtures of colour 1 and 2 are obtained.


2 – Addition of the two colours (1 and 2):

  • Concurrently without mixing pour the two mixtures of different colours into the third container: here you are the "imperfect mix";
  • pour this mixture directly over the floor to be coated.


3 - Product Processing and How To Realize the Intended Aesthetic Appearance:

  • distribute the product according to a pre-set thickness using a knife coater mod.NR680K 2.5 mm high ;
  • wear spikes and lightly scrape the area with a flat spatula model.TED811,by carrying out gentle motions in order to blend the two contrasting shades and obtain the desired aesthetic effect.
  • An other reason for using the spatula is to de-aerate the product and eliminate the signs of the blade and spikes.
  • The spatula must be gently moved and its blade almost horizontal in order to avoid the resin film "grooving" and a localized accumulation of the filler.
  • Exit from the application field by removing the signs of spikes with the spatula.


Mixture A + B + C: Pot-life:

 Working Temperature 

 Pot-life * [minutes] 

+16 ° C


+23 ° C


+30 ° C


* for 1 kg of mixture (A + B + C) according to UNI EN ISO 9514.

For mixture pot life, it is understood the time needed to complete single dyes mixing operations, to combine different colours and lay and finish the product on the floor.


Pedestrian trafficability: 48 hours at +23 ° C - 50% RH

Downtime: 72 hours at +23 ° C - 50% RH


Self-levelling decorative shaving agent

Average Consumption

4.5 kg / m 2 of product, to a final thickness of 3.5 mm.


Self-levelling decorative shaving agent


Bulk density, UNI 8310

Comp. A

 g / cm³ 

1.17 ± 0.03

Comp. B

1.04 ± 0.03

Comp. C

1.22 ± 0.05

A + B + C

1.58 ± 0.05

Pot-life (1 kg A + B + C) to +23 ° C

UNI EN ISO 9514 method


40 ± 5

Coating pedestrian trafficability



Coating  commissioning

(At +23 ° C, 50% RH)



Application temperature


from +15 to +35

Compression load,

UNI EN 196-1


72 ± 4

Bending load, UNI EN 196-1 


32 ± 2

Adhesion strength (pull-off test), ISO 4624


> 1.8

(Concrete cohesive failure)

Pulling stress elongation (film) ISO 527-2


1.1 ± 0.3

Shore D hardness after 72 hours at +23 ° C, DIN 53505


79 ± 5

Abrasion resistance (Taber method, CS-10 wheel, 1000 g, 1000 rpm), DIN 53109


83 ± 1

Ratio A: B: C (by weight)

2.3: 1.0: 6.6

Note: testi methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table.  .


Self-levelling decorative shaving agent

Warning and informations
  • Substrate maximum humidity content must not exceed 3% (measured according to carbide method): if not, prior to DECORLITE application, a vapour barrier shall be realized with NORPHEN W3 WATERPROOFING DECORLITE.
  • Do not mix the "imperfect mix", in order not to lose the typical colourful nuances of the product.
  • Mix components A, B and C in precise ratios as indicated on the label: in case of partial use of the kit, ingredients shall be weighed according to the proportions indicated on the label under "MIXING RATIO".
  • In cold weather, viscosity increases making application difficult, therefore product shall be conditioned in warm place (at +25 ° C for 24 hours before applying).
  • Do not apply at temperatures exceeding +30° C: the rate of cross-linking increases to the extent of making the execution of the entire application cycle very complex.
  • When applying the product, be sure to work in an indoor non-ventilated place  in order to prevent dust deposit on the area.
  • Read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Comp. A and B: 24 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry place at temperatures between +5 ° C and +35 ° C.  Cold sensitive.

Comp. C: No expiring  date. Store in a covered and dry place.