MAT 20

Matte Clear Finish for Resin Coatings


MAT 20 is a one component, non-yellowing, solvent free, aliphatic, hygro-hardening, polyurethanic and clear finish capable of providing noticeable opacity and high scratch resistance to the surface where it is to be applied.

Usage field

MAT 20 is used as a matte finish for resin floors.

The product is the ideal finish for floors realized with DECORLITE.



1,2 kg tri-layered envelope 

MAT 20

Matte Clear Finish for Resin Coatings


Preparing the Application Areas:

Thoroughly clean the laying area and ensure that after application the same area can be hermetically sealed to prevent infiltration of dust from the outside.

Any possible deposition of volatile dust on the MAT 20 surface, after the application and during the cross-linking period (until touch dry) will cause surface defects highlighted by low thickness and opacity.

Product Instructions for Use:

MAT 20 is ready for use: Shake the container before opening the package.

Always close and immediately the opened container after each use.

On a New Resin Floor:

  1. remove the dust using an antistatic cloth slightly dampened with water / isopropyl alcohol = 1/1;
  2. pour 20 MAT onto the resin surface;
  3. apply with a 25 cm NP Roller model B67evenly and in accordance with the following indicated coverage rate.

On old floors:

  1. clean with STRIPPER diluted 5 times with clean water (with special emphasis in the case of existing WAX-BASED treatments), rinse and remove all excess water, ensuring that no standing water is left behind in the area to be treated. After treatment, make sure the surface is thoroughly clean. If not, repeat the treatment;
  2. Particular attention should be given while removing wax treatments that should be treated with STRIPPER or STRIPPER PLUS according to the instructions given in the related technical data sheets.
  3. After the substrate has perfectly dried, remove the dust using an antistatic cloth slightly dampened with a mixture of water / isopropyl alcohol = 1/1;
  4. 20 pour MAT onto the resin surface;
  5. apply with a 25 cm NP ROLLER model B67 evenly and in accordance with the underwritten coverage rate.

MAT 20

Matte Clear Finish for Resin Coatings

Average Consumption

 60-70 g/m2.

MAT 20

Matte Clear Finish for Resin Coatings



clear liquid

Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1.12 ± 0.03

Viscosity (Brookfield, spindle 2, 50 RPM, 23°C, 50% RH), UNI EN ISO 2555


60 ± 5

Minimum time for pedestrian traffic (16°C, 50% RH)



Cross-linking minimum temperature



Abrasion resistance (Taber), CS 17 wheel, 1000 g, 1000, DIN 53109


31.2 ± 0.5

Indentation resistance (Bucholz), UNI EN ISO 2815


87 ± 4

Scratch hardness, ISO 1518


5.0 ± 0.5

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to in the table.


Chemical resistances, UNI EN ISO 2812-1 (method 2)

Distilled water


Sea Water


10% sulfamic acid in water


NORDECAL STRONG 50% in water


butyl acetate


technical Acetone


hydrogen peroxide 20 volumes


Lactic acid 25%


50% acetic acid in water


caustic soda 30% in water


75% phosphoric acid in water




ethyl alcohol 10%


(1 = product disintegration, 5 = no alteration; (for the full range see Appendix A)


MAT 20

Matte Clear Finish for Resin Coatings

Warning and informations
  • Seal the room during and after application to prevent the deposit of dust on the surface.
  • The tools used for the application of the product can not be reused.
  • 30 minutes after application the roller must be changed.
  • Always close MAT 20 package after each use and do not transfer from one box to another any remaining product.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C.
  • The product is not dangerous, however, read the MSDS before use.

6 months in its original packaging, in a covered and dry place. At temperatures between +5°C and +35°C