Two-component finish


NORDPUR SW is a water based product made up of two liquid components:

  • component A:   a mix of emulsified functionalized prepolymers, additives and fillers;
  • component B:   hydrophilic prepolyisocyanate.

Once mixed, the two components produce a flexible and highly adhering material. It can easily be applied to different types of substrates to yield a smooth coating with good weather and abrasion resistance properties.

Its colour will not significantly change in time.

Usage field

NORDPUR SW is indicated as a finish and protection coating in the following cases:

  • with waterproofing systems involving the use of BETONGUAINA or BETONGUAINA.S;
  • with epoxy resin, epoxy cement or polyurethane resin coatings on floors and walls;
  • with concrete floors or concrete screeds not used as parking areas for cars or vans.





6.2 and18.6 kg(A+B)

In the clear version:

  • 6.45 and19.35 kgpacks;

A:B ratio is 5.45 : 1.00.


Two-component finish


Type of finish to be obtained with NORDPUR SW

As a finishing coat for BETONGUAINA and BETONGUAINA.S systems:

  • wait at least 48 hours after the waterproofing treatment to allow for it to set;
  • apply two layers of NORDPUR SW, at a few hours interval, with roller, flat brush or spray.


As a finishing coat on resin coverings:

  • make sure the underlying surface is perfectly dry (and has been so for the previous 24 hours) and clean;
  • smooth over with a180 Mmesh and clean;
  • apply NORDPUR SW;
  • spread, if desired, a finishing layer of NORDPOWDER CERA.


On metal surfaces:

  • sand down (if rusty steel)  SA 2.5;
  • apply NORPHEN FONDO M.A. as a primer and, once dry, a layer of NORPHEN SW SOLID or diluted NORDPUR SW;
  • apply NORDPUR SW.


On concrete surfaces:

  • carefully examine the substrate to make sure it makes up a suitable and structurally sound base;
  • in case of newly laid floors, check out first the surface wettability, as it could have been jeopardized by water-repellent compounds (oils or heavy hydrocarbons) often used for polishing purposes; if that is the case, wash with DESMOG A and rinse carefully with water.
  • In case of old floors, wash with STRIPPER, followed by mechanical brushing and final rinsing. That will remove dust, dirt and water soluble grease. In case of concrete floors contaminated by oil, old adhesives or paints, efflorescences, rust, mould and other foreign material, clean with a diamond wheel.
  • Fill up any hole with GROVE COLABILE and even out depressions with W3; consolidate the surface with NORPHEN SW SOLID diluted according to the impregnation level you wish to achieve.
  • After 12 - 24 hours, apply NORDPUR SW.
Product preparation

Add NORDPUR SW component B to component A, mix carefully, then dilute with 10 - 20% water (in weight), keeping in mind that high dilutions will reduce the product covering capacity.

Product application

Apply one layer, with a short pile roller or sprayer, or else two layers at 6-8 hours interval.


  • NORDPUR SW can also be applied directly over  W3, 24 hours after laying the latter;
  • On porous or microporous surfaces you are advised to apply first a layer of NORPHEN SW SOLID diluted with 3 - 5 parts water.


Two-component finish

Average Consumption

The average amount of product required per layer (if you are using a roller) is 0.15 - 0.17 kg/m2.


Two-component finish


Mass per volume (comp. A), UNI 8310


1.21 ± 0.05

Mass per volume (A+B + 10% water), UNI 8310


1.10 ± 0.05

pH, UNI 8311


8.0 ± 0.5

pot-life, UNI EN ISO 9514


40 - 10

Surface drying time,

UNI 8904


8 ± 2

gloss 60° (on asbestos-cement), ISO 2813


35 ± 5

gloss 60° (on smooth support), ISO 2813


60 ± 5

Viscosity cup No. 6 (A), ISO 2431


45 ± 10

Viscosity cup No. 6

(A+B + 10% water), ISO 2431


60 ± 10

Minimum film forming temperature



Impermeability to water, UNI 8202-21



Steam permeability, DIN 52615


 4700 ± 500 

adhesion to concrete (pull-off test), ASTM D 4541


> 4

UV and condensation resistance, ASTM D 4329 (168 hours exposure)


∆ gloss

~ 1

- 5

Abrasion resistance, UNI 8298-9


< 100

Hardness (Buchholz)


35 ± 5

A : B  ratio

5.2 : 1.0

Note: test data refer to quoted regulations.



Chemical resistance, UNI EN ISO 2812-1 (method 2)

30% hydrochloric acid in water


10% sulphuric acid in water


20% phosphoric acid in water


30% acetic acid in water


15% ammonia in water


30% caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) in water


3.5% hydrogen peroxide (12 volumes)


Mix of 1% acetic acid and 0.5% hydrogen peroxide in water


Denatured ethanol


Industrial acetone


(1 = product disintegration, 5 = no alteration; for the full range see appendix A)


Two-component finish

Warning and informations
  • Protect the surface from rain during the first 12¸24 hours following application.
  • Keep the component B container tightly closed during all preliminary operations, as the product is sensitive to atmosphere humidity.
  • Read the safety card.

12 months in the original packs, in a dry sheltered place, at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C; protect from frost.


Two-component finish

Product certifications

Certificato No.  NO 1405-708 secondo ISO 14644-1 “Camere bianche ed ambiente associato controllato”- Classificazione della pulizia dell’aria”. Il prodotto rientra in classe ISO 5.