Protective, waterproofing coloured coating,
for sports grounds


NORDSET is a water based system made up of modified styrene-acrylic polymers, additives and fillers in an aquous dispersion. After setting, the material provides very good walkability, considerably increased by the addition of quartz sands before laying it. It also offers high weather resistance.

NORDSET is available in the standard colours white, red and green, or in different colours as required.

Usage field

NORDSET is used for walking and cycling surfaces on various sports facilities, courts, asphalt and concrete cycling lanes.


Available in 10 kg and 20 kg packs.



Protective, waterproofing coloured coating,
for sports grounds

Substrates preparation
  • carefully examine the surface to make sure it makes up a suitable and structurally sound base;
  • According to surface conditions, choose the most suitable cleaning operation to be carried out:

- pressure hot water washing;
- acid washing;
- sanding.

  • That will allow to remove dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesives and paints, efflorescences, rust, mould and other foreign material.
  • Any hole or depression on the surface must be evened out with GROVE RIPRISTINO, used together with GROVE PRIMER to increase adhesion to the surface or, alternatively, RASANTE 2000 2K.
  • On asphalt, NORDSET can be applied directly without any primer.
Specific preparation

1) concrete:

  • apply a layer of NORPHEN SW SOLID primer diluted 1:4 with water;
  • after 1 hour, and no later than 24 hours after priming, apply NORPHEN W3 to smooth over, with added 50% (in weight) 0.1-0.5 mm quartz sand;
  • dust lightly, while still fresh, with 0.1-0.3 mm quartz sand;
  • the day after, remove any sand not adhering to the surface, sand down and clean;
  • use a spatula to apply 1 layer of NORDSET with added 50% (in weight)  0.1-0.3 mm quartz sand;
  • the following day finish off with 1 layer of NORDSET, using a roller.

Total amount of product required: 0.8-1.0 kg/m2.

2) Interiors:

  • On a dry support, spread a layer of PRIMER SOLPLAST;
  • In the next half hour, using a roller or spray, apply several layers of NORDSET, leaving as little time as possible in between (just enough for you to walk on) until you reach the desired thickness.

Max amount of product required: 1.5 kg/m2.

Product application
  • Mix well the product in its container, using a drill with  the proper attachement;
  • If you are using a roller, dilute with 5 - 10% water to reach the necessary product fluidity;
  • If you are spraying, you can dilute the product even further, according to the pump you are using (we recommend nozzle 21 with  3 - 4 bar pressure).


Protective, waterproofing coloured coating,
for sports grounds


Mass per volume, UNI 8310


1.30 ± 0.05

Apparent dynamic viscosity, ISO 3219


1500 ± 500

Surface drying time, UNI 8904


30 ± 10

Minimum film forming temperature


< +8

Impermeability to water, UNI 8202/21



Steam permeability, DIN 52615


5000 ±  500

Resistance to NaOH (10%) after 28 days, UNI 8298



Resistance to UV and condensation ASTM D 4329


> 4000

Adhesion to concrete (pull-off test), ASTM D 4541


> 1.5

Abrasion resistance, UNI 8298/9


< 200

Cold flexibility, DIN 52123


< 0

Note: test data refer to quoted regulations


Protective, waterproofing coloured coating,
for sports grounds

Warning and informations
  • Any work must necessarily stop in case of impending rain, snow or fog and when temperature is below +8°C.
  • To prevent the typical surface stickyness during the first few days, apply a fine layer of PRIMER SOLPLAST to finish off or, alternatively, dust with talcum powder.
  • Use water to clean your tools.

The product is non toxic; it is however good practice to always read the safety card.


Store indoors at temperatures between  +4°C and +30°C.


Protective, waterproofing coloured coating,
for sports grounds