Very high coverage white epoxy primer coating


NORPHEN 200 FONDO is an extremely high coverage , two component, white epoxy product used as priming coat in combination with finishes of low coverage colours (see Technical Appendix D).

The product consists of:

  • Component A: mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers and special high coverage fillers;
  • Component B: copolymerization amine.

When fully cured the material exhibits remarkable hardness and abrasion resistance properties while maintaining good flexibility and general good chemical resistance.

NORPHEN 200 FONDO gives rise to a waterproof film, designed to even the colour and the absorption to the surface scheduled to receive it.


WHITE is the only available colour option for this product.


Usage field

NORPHEN 200 FONDO is used as a primer for NORPHEN 200, NORPHEN 200 HCR AND NORDPUR ESTERNI systems(in all variants), whenever work is to be executed on a surface with different absorption's levels and uneven colour. 


Packs of 6 and 24 kg


Very high coverage white epoxy primer coating

Substrates preparation

Laying areas must be structurally sound, clean, free of loose material and dry;

The kind of treatment to be performed shall be chosen depending on the actual state of the area:

  • diamond grinding;
  • washing by means of acids;
  • sanding.

In this way dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesive or paint, laitance, rust, mildew and other extraneous materials will be removed.

New floors must be cured for at least 28 days and have a relative humidity percentage (carbide method measurement)not higher than 3% , otherwise the area shall be prepared with NORPHEN W3.

Because of the water vapour impermeability of the resulting film, it is preferable to place a vapour barrier under concrete, to prevent rising damp from the bottom.

Product preparation
  • Pour NORPHEN 200 FONDO component B into component A and mix well with drill and impeller (manual mixing methods are totally unacceptable);
  • apply with a short haired roller for 25 cm solvents.
Product application
  • NORPHEN 200 FONDO shall be applied in one coat and with a roller for a coverage of 250 g / m2;
  • the day after the cycle shall continue with the chosen finish, consulting the tables contained in the Technical Appendix D where it is recommended to apply one or two subsequent coats of low weight (120-150 g / m 2 per coat) aestheticising finish, depending on the colour.


Very high coverage white epoxy primer coating

Average Consumption

Average Coverage: 250 g / m 2.



Very high coverage white epoxy primer coating


Bulk density (comp. A) UNI 8310


1.82 ± 0.05

Pot life (at +20 ° C) UNI EN ISO 9514


70 ± 10

Curing minimum time


24 to 48

Complete cross-linking time



Application Temperature


from +13 to +35

Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D 2240


> 65

Ratio A: B


Note: test methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table. 


Very high coverage white epoxy primer coating

Warning and informations
  • Apply any further layer by the following day, after a maximum of 48 hours.
  • In cold weather, during the cold period of the year, low temperatures increase product viscosity, make roller application more difficult, and dull the finish: take the product to a warmer place before applying it and, then let it cure at temperatures higher than +13 °C.
  • The system’s reaction speed is affected by temperature: cold decreases it until it stops completely. During the hot period of the year, keep the product containers in a cool place. In warmer weather, keep the containers in a cool place.
  • Mix NORPHEN 200 FONDO components A and B in the exact proportions as recommended by the manufacturer; if necessary, use a scale to sort out packaging.
  • Use SOLVENTE PER NORPHEN to clean your tools.
  • Warning: the hardened product can only be removed by flame or >200°C hot air.
  • Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

24 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5 ° C to +30 ° C.


Very high coverage white epoxy primer coating