NORPHEN 200 HCR self-extinguishing

Floor and wall epoxy coating


NORPHEN 200 HCR AUTOESTINGUENTE is a liquid compound based on specific resins used for the realization of floor and wall coatings. The product consists of:

  •  Component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers, pigments, additives and special fillers;
  •  Component B: copolymerization amine.


Once fully cured, the material exhibits excellent chemical resistance and a generally good reactivity at low temperatures (up to +5°C).

The product is available in its standard colours: ROSSO OSSIDO (oxide red) and GRIGIO (grey) (RAL 7040).

It is a self-extinguishing product according EN 13501-1 Standard Class B1fl.

Usage field

NORPHEN 200 HCR AUTOESTINGUENTE is used as a film coating of approx. 200 microns thickness on boiler rooms floors and walls (including also other kind of places/rooms) requiring oils and fuel impermeable anti-dust coatings.


NORPHEN 200 HCR AUTOESTINGUENTE is available in packs of 3.22 kg.

NORPHEN 200 HCR self-extinguishing

Floor and wall epoxy coating


Substrate Preparation:

  • carefully check the substrate to make sure it is a suitable and structurally sound base;
  • assess, given the surface conditions, whether the product can fulfil its intended role, especially as   regards good adherence;
  • ensure the installation surface is completely dry;
  • remove dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesives or paint, efflorescence, rust, mildew and other extraneous materials which may impede or prevent the attachment of the product.
  • Pay particular attention to existing rising damp from the bottom: if NORPHEN 200 HCR AUTOESTINGUENTE is applied in such conditions, it may flake and eventually quickly disbond from the surface.


Product Preparation

  • Pour NORPHEN 200 HCR AUTOESTINGUENTE component B into component A and mix thoroughly using a drill with impeller, for at least 20-30 seconds, until a perfect mixture is achieved.

Product Application

  • After mixing, immediately begin applying the product taking into account that the mixture pot-life (maximum useful time for the application)is very short (15 ± 5 minutes at 20°C).

NORPHEN 200 HCR self-extinguishing

Floor and wall epoxy coating

Average Consumption

The average consumption/dosage (using a roller) is approx. 150÷250 g/m2 per coat.

NORPHEN 200 HCR self-extinguishing

Floor and wall epoxy coating


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1,20 ± 0,05

Pot Life (at 20°C), UNI EN ISO 9514


15 ± 5

Superficial drying time, UNI 8904


4 ± 1

Curing time


> 7

Application Temperature


+5 ¸ +35

Ultimate Tensile Strength (film), ISO 527


98 ± 15

Ultimate flexural strength(film), ISO 178


68 ± 10

UV resistance and condensate, ASTM D 4329 (168 hours exposure)


Δ gloss


- 80

Adhesion to Concrete (pull-off test), ASTM D 4541


> 3,5

Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D 2240


> 75

Mixing ratio A : B

2.22 : 1

Note: test


Chemical resistances, EN ISO 2812-1 (method 2)

30% hydrochloric acid in water


10% sulfuric acid in water


20% phosphoric acid in water


30% acetic acid in water


15% ammonia in water


soda (sodium hydroxide) 30% in water


3.5% hydrogen peroxide (12 volumes)


mixture of acetic acid (1%) and hydrogen peroxide (0.5%) in water


denatured ethyl alcohol


Technical Acetone


(1 = product disintegration, 5 = no alteration; for the full range see Appendix A) 

methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table. 

NORPHEN 200 HCR self-extinguishing

Floor and wall epoxy coating

Warning and informations
  • The system’s reaction speed is affected by temperature: cold decreases it until it stops completely. During the hot period of the year, keep the product containers in a cool place. During the warmer period, however, keep containers cool before mixing the two components, to slow down hardening time.
  • Specific solvents may be added to NORPHEN 200 HCR AUTOESTINGUENTE to make the resin harden more slowly and penetrate deeper into the surface: that however can lead to a reduction in both chemical resistance and final product brightness. The specific solvent to use in this case is NORPHEN SOLVENTE.
  • A possible second coat can be applied the next day, after a maximum of 48 hours: in fact beyond 72 hours from laying the first coat, the surface shall be thoroughly sanded to get an optimal adherence;
  • Mix NORPHEN 200 HCR AUTOESTINGUENTE component A and B in the exact proportions reported on the pack; if needed, and in order to use only part of the pack, the two ingredients must be carefully weighed to obtain a correct hardening of the product.
  • Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).



Store in a covered place, at room temperature between +8 and +30°C.