Low viscosity epoxy system


NORPHEN DRESS is a liquid epoxy system made up of:

  • component A: a mix of liquid epoxy prepolymers;
  • component B: copolymerization amine.

Upon mixing, just before use, the two components produce a low viscosity, high reactivity material that, once set, offers excellent flexibility and good compression resistance.

Usage field

NORPHEN DRESS technical features make it an ideal solution to realize fluid conglomerates with high inert material content, for use in tiles manufacturing or in situ floor laying followed by final honing. A typical example, in this regard, is the Venetian style floor, featuring marble and other stones chips mixed up with epoxy resin.


NORPHEN DRESS is available in 18.85 kg packs.


Low viscosity epoxy system

Substrates preparation
  • carefully examine the surface and make sure it will provide a suitable and structurally sound base;
  • according to surface conditions, choose the type of treatment to be carried out:

-pressure hot water washing;
-acid washing;
-diamond wheel sanding;
-sand blasting.

  • That will allow to remove dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesives and paint, efflorescence, rust, mould and other foreign material.
  • Any surface depression or irregularity deeper than 3 mm must be evened out with MALTA RAPIDA or alternatively, if smaller than that, with NORPHEN FONDO SL, duly additioned with assorted quartz sands
Specific preparation

Dry surfaces:

  • Apply one layer of NORPHEN FONDO primer.

Surfaces with no previous waterproofing treatment:

  • apply W3 (amount required: 1.5 kg/m2) reinforced with glass mesh.
Product preparation
  • pour component B into component A and mix well with a professional mixer;
  • add the desired inert material and carry on mixing using the proper equipment.
Product application
  •  prepare the NORPHEN DRESS resin mix with added inert material, using the latest equipment and techniques;
  • apply with a trowel and compact as you go along;
  • after 1 or 2 days setting (at 20 - 25°C) proceed with honing and polishing.


Low viscosity epoxy system


Mass per volume, UNI 8310


1.05 ± 0.05

Pot-life, UNI EN ISO 9514


32 ± 5

Apparent dynamic viscosity, ISO 3219


150 ± 15

Surface drying, UNI 8904


5 ± 1

Minimum setting time


> 7

Application temperature


+8 to +35

Flexural strength, ISO 178


130 ± 15

Tensile strength, ISO 527


59 ± 6

Compression test, UNI 4279


105 ± 11

A : B  ratio


1.0 : 0.45

Note: test data refer to quoted regulations.


Low viscosity epoxy system

Warning and informations
  • In the cold period of the year the product tends to crystallize and make handling more difficult: take it to a warmer place before you start working on it.
  • Mix component A and B in the exact proportions indicated on the pack.
  • Use NORPHEN SOLVENT to clean your tools.
  • Read the Safety Card.

Store indoors at temperatures between +10°C and + 30°C.