Primer coating for static dissipative/conductive floorings


NORPHEN ESC FONDO is part of a resin floor coating system made up of NORPHEN ESC FONDO and NORPHEN ESC, designed to obtain static dissipative floors (vertical electrical resistance not exceeding 109Ohm), or conductive floors (vertical electrical resistance not exceeding 106Ohm), in compliance with  EN 14041:2004 regulations.

NORPHEN ESC FONDO is made up of:

  • component A:   a mix of liquid epoxy prepolymers and conductive material;
  • component B:   copolymerization amine.

For any electrical resistance data we refer to test reports No. 240/04 and 241/04 issued by the CERT Laboratory of  Treviso Tecnologia, according to UNI EN 1081 regulations.

Electric resistance measurements for the NORPHEN ESC FONDO/NORPHEN ESC system were taken by  the CERT Laboratory of Treviso Tecnologia, in line with UNI EN 1081 regulations (test reports No. 240/04 and 241/04).

Usage field

NORPHEN ESC FONDO is a high performance primer aimed at flooring systems with special requirements for staff and equipment safety, such as in EPA (electrostatic protected area) environments:

  • electronics industry;
  • operating rooms;
  • interiors subject to high explosion risk;
  • industrial assembly systems and automated warehouses;
  • computer and data processing centres.

12 kg and 20 kg (A+B)


Primer coating for static dissipative/conductive floorings


primer, the final stage in the realization of a static-dissipative or conductive floor.

Preparing the underlying surface:

  • Carefully examine the surface and make sure it provides a suitable and structurally sound base;
  • According to surface conditions, choose the most suitable treatment to be carried out:
-   acid washing;
-   sanding;
-   diamond wheel sanding;
-   scarification;
-   shot blasting.

That will allow to remove dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesives and paint, efflorescence, rust, mould and other foreign material.

Any surface irregularity or depression more than 3 mm deep must be evened out with MALTA RAPIDA, possibly followed by light quartz sand dusting, or alternatively, in case of minor irregularities, with NORPHEN FONDO SL, duly additioned with assorted quartz sands.

Specific preparation

surfaces with  <3% humidity content:

1. pply a layer of NORPHEN FONDO SL primer with:

  •  a roller on surfaces prepared with acid washing, paper sanding or diamond wheel sanding,
  •  a spatula on surfaces prepared with shot blasting or scarification;

2. in the absence of waterproof barrier to dampness rising:

  • ­   apply a layer of NORPHEN SW SOLID diluted 1:3 in water;
  • ­   after drying, apply 1.5 kg/m2 W3, with or without glass mesh reinforcement;
  • ­   48 hours later, apply a layer of NORPHEN FONDO SL with a roller.
Product preparation

Pour component B into component A and mix with a slow speed mixer to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Product application
  • on a smooth resin treated base, if you want to lay down the floor, you may place a mesh of adhesive copper strips (20 mm wide), making out a grid with 50 cm pitch;
  • apply with a steel spatula a single layer of NORPHEN ESC FONDO, adding (and thoroughly mixing) 300g of 0.1-0.3mm quartz sand for each kilogram of (A+B); you will need  0.5 kg/m2 product (A+B):
  • the whole cycle of static-conductive flooring includes a final finish with NORPHEN ESC.


Primer coating for static dissipative/conductive floorings

Average Consumption

For a static-conductive floor primer coating you will need 0.5 kg/m2 NORPHEN ESC FONDO (A+B), apart from quartz sand.


With 0.5 kg/m2 product (A+B) -not including quartz sand- you will obtain a film about 0.55 mm thick.


Primer coating for static dissipative/conductive floorings


Mass per volume, UNI 8310


1.25± 0.05

pot-life, UNI EN ISO 9514


20 ± 10

Application temperature


+12 to +35

Surface drying time, UNI 8904


< 10

Minimum setting time


> 7

Adhesion to concrete (pull-off test), ASTM D 4541


> 3.5

Hardness (Shore D), ASTM D 2240


> 65

Abrasion resistance, UNI 8298-9


< 130

 A : B  ratio

3.5 : 1.0

Note: test data refer to quoted regulations.


Primer coating for static dissipative/conductive floorings

Warning and informations
  • In the cold period of the year the product tends to crystallize and make handling more difficult: take it to a warmer place before you start working on it.
  • Mix component A and B in the exact proportions indicated on the pack; if you want to use only part of the pack, weigh out the two ingredients carefully to obtain correct product hardening.
  • Use NORPHEN SOLVENTE to clean your tools.
  • Read the Safety Card.

Comp. A and comp. B: 24 months in their original packs indoors, in a dry place at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C

Do not expose to freezing temperatures