Water-based very high-coverage white epoxy primer coat


NORPHEN SW FONDO is a two component, water-based, high coverage, white epoxy primer to be used together with low coverage colour finishing (see Technical Appendix E).

The product consists of:

  • Component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy prepolymers, fillers and additives;
  • Component B: copolymerization amines, additives and special high coverage fillers.

Once fully cured, NORPHEN SW FONDO gives rise to a waterproof film, designed to achieve an uniform colour and surface absorption wherever applied.

Usage field

NORPHEN SW FONDO is used as a primer for NORPHEN SW SMALTO and NORPUR SW systems (all variants), when the area to be coated exhibits a variable absorption rate and an uneven colour and / or much darker than the finish to be applied.


Packs of 4.9 and 9.8 kg


Water-based very high-coverage white epoxy primer coat

Substrates preparation
  • Laying areas must be structurally sound, clean, free of all loose material and dry;
  • The kind of treatment to be performed shall be chosen depending on the actual state of the area between the following:

- diamond grinding;
- washing by means of acids;
- sanding.

  • In this way dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesive or paint, laitance, rust, mildew and other extraneous materials will be removed.

Old floors with existing holes:

  • depressions and inconsistencies of the surface must be compensated with GROVE RASANTE RAPIDO or RASANTE 2000, for thicknesses greater than 5 mm, with W3 NORPHEN for thicknesses less than 5 mm.

Much-used floors having both poor compression resistance and high porosity problems:

  • are to be reinforced by impregnation with one or more coats of NORPHEN SW SOLID to be diluted 4/7 fold in water (dilution must be determined on the basis of the substrate absorption rate).
Product preparation
  • Pour NORPHEN SW FONDO component A into component B B and mix well with drill and impeller (manual mixing must be absolutely avoided);
  • apply with a 25 cm wide short haired roller (for solvents).
Product application
  • for a coverage of 200-240 g/m 2, apply NORPHEN SW FONDO in one coat and with a roller.
  • possibly adjust viscosity by adding a maximum 2-3% of water by weight.
  • the day after to continue the cycle, the chosen finish shall be laid down, consulting the tables contained in Technical Appendix E and where it is recommended to apply one or two subsequent coats of low weight aestheticising finish (120-150 g/m2 per coat) , depending on the colour.


Water-based very high-coverage white epoxy primer coat

Average Consumption

Average consumption: 220 g / m2.


Water-based very high-coverage white epoxy primer coat


 The product is only available in its WHITE version.


Bulk Density (A + B)

UNI 8310

g / cm³

1.19 ± 0.05

Pot life (at +20 ° C)



80 ± 10

Curing minimum time


24 to 48

Total crosslinking time



Application Temperature


from +13 to +35

Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D 2240


> 60

Ratio A: B

1: 6

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referre


Water-based very high-coverage white epoxy primer coat

Warning and informations
  • Apply further layers the following day, after a maximum of 48 hours.
  • The lower the temperature the higher the viscosity, therefore during cold weather the product must be taken to a warm place before proceeding with the application and shall be cured at temperatures above +13 ° C.
  • The system’s reaction speed is affected by temperature and cold weather decreases this speed to zero. In warmer weather, keep product containers in a cool place.
  • Mix NORPHEN SW FONDO components A and B to the exact proportions given  by the manufacturer; if needed, use a scale to sort out packs.
  • Clean equipment thoroughly with WATER.
  • Warning: the product once hardened can only be removed by flame or >200°C hot air.
  • Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

24 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5 ° C to +30 ° C.