Water-based, two component, epoxy coating


Q-SMALTO is a water- based,  two component product consisting of:

  • Component A: a mixture of liquid epoxy pre-polymers, fillers and additives;
  • Component B: amine copolymerization, pigments, additives and water.

After drying, Q-SMALTO gives rise to an opaque film that is permeable to water vapour yet at the same time waterproof and oil impermeable.

It provides excellent adhesion to concrete substrates even if still wet or after only 12-24 hours from casting. Moreover, tis product exhibits a good general chemical resistance.

Q-SMALTO is available in its standard grey colour (RAL 7040), although other colours can be supplied upon request.

Usage field

Q-SMALTO is best used as a protective, coloured, dust-repellent, oil-resistant and anti-evaporation agent for quartz finished industrial floors, to be applied within the first 24 hours after casting, in the following places:

  • garages;
  • Foodstuff stores;
  • storage building/areas;
  • light machining industries, etc..

However, it is generally used for the realization of protective coatings of concrete areas and, in particular, to waterproof wastewater treatment tanks(drains and white water drainage).


9.0 kg (A + B),

of which Comp.A: 1.8 kg Comp.B: 7.2 kg


Water-based, two component, epoxy coating

Substrates preparation

The laying substrate must be carefully examined to be sure it is a suitable base for the chosen application cycles.

Depending on the laying substrate conditions, the pre-treatment to be performed shall be chosen as follows:

1) on newly cast concrete, immediately after mechanical floating (usually 8-24 hours after casting), check the surface wettability (which could be compromised by the presence of hydrophobic substances in the consolidation and hardening treatments) pouring a glass of water.

In case of a wettable substrate, to ensure Q-SMALTO perfect adhesion to the substrate, it is sufficient to apply a coat of Q-PRIMER diluted with water (1.8 parts by weight of product A+B with 4 parts of water. Q-SMALTO can be used to over-coat Q-PRIMER- just only after 2-6 hours depending on temperature.

However, If no absorption occurs, the following operations are to be carried out before:

  • polishing with an HCT marble machine or a similar type of machine, or
  • acid washing with undiluted NORDECAL FORTE sprayed at a low pressure on the surface and brushed with a mono-brush reinforced with a carbon fibre or nylon brush, then the sucking up the liquid and rinsing.
  • Then proceed with priming using Q-PRIMER according to the above outlined instructions.

2) On new already cured concrete: proceed as explained in point 1).

3) On old concrete surfaces, thoroughly clean with the appropriate products to remove all what could inhibit product adhesion and penetration (fats, oils, paints, etc..). Normally, washing with STRIPPER and mechanical floating followed by a generous rinsing and the aspiration of the washing liquid from the substrate are sufficient. however, if the concrete is contaminated with oil, old adhesive or paint, rust, mildew and other things, the screed shall be grinded with a marble grinding machine of the HTC type.

Then proceed with priming using Q-PRIMER as in point 1).

4) On old much used floors with existing holes, dips and inconsistencies of the surface having depths greater than 5 mm must be compensated with or GROVE RAPIDO or GROVE COLABILE, while those with depths of less than 5 mm with W3.

Then proceed as in Step 2).

5) Old floors with problems of poor compression resistance combined with high porosity are to be reinforced by impregnation with one or more coats of NORPHEN SW SOLID diluted from 4 to 7 fold in water (the dilution should be determined on the basis of the substrate absorption rate) or with Q-PRIMER applied as an impregnating agent (diluted as per the concerning Technical Data Sheet).Then proceed as in Step 2).

Bottom Humidity

To lay down Q SMALTO there is not any residual humidity limit constraints.

Product preparation

Like all epoxy/amine based coatings, Q-SMALTO is to be prepared in a mixing bucket in an appropriate quantity in order to take into account the product pot life (90 min. At room temperature).


Pour Q-SMALTO component into component A and mix well with a low speed professional mixer.

It is kindly recommended to dilute the already mixed product (A + B) with 5% by weight of water before application.

The impeller size must be adapted to the size of the mixing bucket (eg: a 15 - 20 litres bucket requires an impeller with a diameter of approx. 15 cm).

Product application

Apply by roller, brush or spray in one or more coats a day apart from each other until achieving the required thickness.


Water-based, two component, epoxy coating

Average Consumption

It is advisable to realize a 0.15 ÷0.20 mm thick coating with 0.25 to 0.30 kg / m2 of product (A + B) in two coats, in function of the substrate absorption rate.


Water-based, two component, epoxy coating


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1.47 ± 0.05

Pot-Life, UNI EN ISO 9514


90 ± 10

Superficial exsiccation time UNI 8904 


6 ± 1

Curing time


> 7

Adhesion to concrete, UNI EN 24624


3.5 ± 1.5

UV resistance and condensate, ASTM D 4329 (168 hours of exposure)


> 10

Abrasion resistance, UNI 8298 / 9


< 90

Viscosity cup 6, ISO 2431



Superficial brightness determination(gloss 60 °),



20 ± 5

Permeability to water vapour

DIN 52615


~ 10000

Ratio A: B

1: 5

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to in the table.


Chemical resistances, UNI EN ISO 2812-1 (method 2)

30% hydrochloric acid in water


10% sulfuric acid in water


20% phosphoric acid in water


30% acetic acid in water


15% ammonia in water


soda (sodium hydroxide) 30% in water


3.5% hydrogen peroxide (12 volumes)


mixture of acetic acid (5%), lactic acid (3%), sodium chloride (2%) in water


5% tartaric acid in water


ethyl acetate


Solvesso 100




denatured ethyl alcohol


technical Acetone


(1 = product disintegration, 5 = no alteration; for full range see Table 1, Appendix A)



Water-based, two component, epoxy coating

Warning and informations
  • The application must be stopped after 60 minutes have elapsed from the moment components A and B were mixed;
  • Do not use at temperatures below +5 ° C.
  • Mix component A and B according to the precise ratio listed on the package; Partial use of the package requires the operator to mix the two components inside the containers prior to withdrawing and to weigh carefully the withdrawn quantities according to the weight ratio indicated on the label.
  • Read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Comp. A and B: 24 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry place at temperatures between +5 ° C and +35 ° C. Frost sensitive.