Non-slip polyurethane coating


NORDPUR ESTERNI EXTRAGRIP is a three-component product:

  • Component A: mixture of functionalized prepolymers, pigments and additives;
  • Component B: prepolysocyanate.
  • Component C: anti-slip additive.

The three components after being mixed together, give rise to a flexible and tough material. Applied on various surfaces makes a coating characterized by strong anti-slip properties and highly abrasion resistant.

The product is available in 3 standard colours (white, red and grey) and can also be tinted to many other colours on request, all of which do not significantly alter over time.

The product is also available in its TRANSPARENT version.

Usage field

NORDPUR ESTERNI EXTRAGRIP is used for protection of indoor and outdoor areas, particularly for concrete areas.

It can also be used on metal and resin floors of various kinds.

Tiles installation must be preceded by the screed treatment as specified below.


3.1 kg (A + B + C)


Non-slip polyurethane coating


Substrate Preparation and Product Application

On cementitious surfaces:

  • ­be sure the under-laying area is completely dry and clean: new screeds must have been cured for more than one month;
  • ­apply an undercoat of NORPHEN FONDO IGRO to promote adhesion;

On metal surfaces:

  • sandblast existing rusted steel to grade SA 2.5;
  • ­apply NORPHEN FONDO MA as a priming coat to promote adhesion;

Ceramic surfaces:

  • ­perform an acid wash with NORDECAL FORTE; rinse well and dry;

­ensure all areas are completely dry before applying NORDPUR ESTERNI EXTRAGRIP.

Component A must always be homogenized prior to use. Add component C into component A and shortly mix to disperse the additive.

Finally, add component B and mix thoroughly with a professional mixer.


Product Application Methods

Apply with a short haired roller in one coat.

To achieve a uniform anti-slip effect, product shal be kept mixed in the bucket.

When using a coloured product, to ensure even coverage the fist step is to lay down a coat of NORDPUR ESTERNI and only then, within 6 ¸ 10 hours, a second coat of NORDPUR ESTERNI EXTRAGRIP.


Application on tiled areas

Prior to treatment a thorough cleaning of the area must be carried out to obtain an area fully free of dust, loose bodies, and especially fatty or oily and waxy substances. To achieve this result it is necessary to act according to the screed existing conditions:

-        for areas with residual cement products (plasters, adhesive or grout): all parts subject to disbondment shall be eliminated by abrasion and then washed with NORDECAL FORTE diluted with 3-5 parts of water depending on the extent of scales/incrustations. Rinse thoroughly;

-        for areas with dirt constituted of oily or greasy substances (including soaps and detergents residues): cleanse with STRIPPER (diluted with 5 parts water by volume) insisting, if necessary, with a monobrush equipped with SCOTCH BRITE ® type abrasive dis . For STRIPPER usage instruction see its related technical data sheet. It is desirable, wherever possible, to perform a mechanical wax removal of the area insisting until obtaining an even surface with a 30 to 40 grit paper placed under a monobrush;

-        for areas with particularly tough residual metallized waxes, like for instance NORDPOWDER CERA OPACA or LUCIDA: STRIPPER PLUS shall be used following the instructions included in the Technical Data Sheet. After wax removal, make sure the area is perfectly clean and when needed repeat the treatment. It is desirable, wherever possible, to perform a mechanical wax removal of the area insisting until obtaining an even surface with a 30 to 40 grit paper placed under a monobrush;

-        In all cases, if there is any doubt that the area may exhibit non permanent protective films that can not be removed with the previously mentioned detergents, it shall be cleaned with NORSOL and then undergo a mechanical abrasion to be carried out until obtaining an even area with a 30 to 40 grit paper.

Application of an adhesion promoter

The thinner the layer of the product spread on the area, the more effective TILEPUR BASE as adhesion promoter is:

  • TILEPUR BASE must be applied pouring a certain amount of it (typically 100-200 ml) on the previously prepared and perfectly dry surface by wiping with a cotton cloth until the area is thoroughly wet. Avoid product stagnation removing it as soon as possible with a dry cloth. Avoid using absorbent paper and rags losing fibres or fragments.
  • Do not pour any leftover product into the original packaging.

After about 20 minutes at +23°C/50% rh proceed with the non-slip coating installation.


Non-slip polyurethane coating

Average Consumption

Consumo medio: 0,15 kg/m2


Non-slip polyurethane coating


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1,07 ± 0,05

Superficial drying time UNI 8904


8 ± 2

Minimum temperature of film formation


> +5

Application Temperature


from +5 to +30

Impermeability to water, UNI 8202-21


³ 500

Permeability to water vapour, DIN 52615


<  4 × 104

UV resistance and condensation, (Exposure 168 hours) ASTM D 4329



~ 2

- 20

Adhesion to Concrete (pull-off test) ASTM D 4541


> 3,5

Adhesion on porcelain stoneware tile (pull-off test) ASTM D 4541


> 6

Abrasion resistance, UNI 8298 / 9


< 90

Buchholz hardness


> 35

Class of sliding resistance, DIN 51130:09



Overall average acceptance angle (α tot), DIN 51130:09{/0


16,9 ± 0,5

Pot-life, ISO 9514 (300 ml of A+B)



Ratio A: B: C

2 : 1 : 0.1

Note: test methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table. 

Chemical Resistance

For chemical resistance data, refer to NORDPUR ESTERNI technical data sheet.


Non-slip polyurethane coating

Warning and informations
  •  Warning: we kindly suggest you not to realize humid films of a thickness higher than 300 microns in one coat.
  • For the first 12 hours after application, protect from rain .
  • Do not use indoors without ventilation.
  • Keep component B tightly closed during preliminary operations, because it is sensitive to atmospheric moisture.

Read the material safety data sheet.


12 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry area at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Frost sensitive.