Flow Improver Additive
for Cementitious Screeds
Chlorides Free


FAST FLUID 100 is a liquid additive for sand / cement screeds based on β-Naphthalenesulfonic polymer with a fluidifying and water-reducing action.

FAST FLUID 100 is chlorides free.

The fluidyfing effect is due to the electrostatic repulsion caused by the polymer molecules, negatively charged, that the surface of cement particles absorbs. The electrostatic repulsion induced by the polymer reduces the water needs required for the dispersion of particles and allows the reduction of the mixture water / cement ratio, maintaining the same fluidity.

FAST FLUID 100 is not suited for the activation of cement mortars and concretes.

Usage field

FAST FLUID 100 is best suited for realization of:

  • conventional cementitious screeds;
  • composite and lightweight cementitious screeds ;

FAST FLUID 100 is particularly suited for the preparation of sand / cement screeds to be installed next to the underfloor heating plant. The fluidizing action of FAST FLUID 100 increases the workability of the screed and this allows to obtain a very compact screed with a reduced air content and of improved thermal conductivity properties.

The benefits of using FAST FLUID 100 are:

  • mixing water reduction (even up to 15%);
  • fluidifying action with improvement in the workability during the laying phase;
  • hygrometric shrinkage reduction;
increase in mechanical strength.


FAST FLUID 100 is a ready to use additive and is the last component to be poured inside the kneader-mixer (or mixer) where cement, aggregates (or premixed material) and the appropriately dosed mixing water have already been loaded.

The effectiveness of FAST FLUID 100 is reduced if it is added to the dry mass before or together with the mixing water.

To produce screeds up to 0 °C, FAST FLUID 100 can be mixed with FAST FLUID AG.


5 and 25 liters PE tanks


Flow Improver Additive
for Cementitious Screeds
Chlorides Free



FAST FLUID 100 is generally used at doses ranging from 0.45% to 0.90% on the weight of cement equal to 0.4 ° ​​0.8 liters each 100 kg of cement.

To assess the optimal dosage, if unknown, the following method shall be applied:

  • Calculate the required amount of mixing water without the additive;
  • calculate a quantity of water equal to the 70% of the required amount you just calculated and a quantity of FAST FLUID 100 ranging from 0.45% to 0.90% on the concrete that is between 0.4 and 0.8 litres of FAST FLUID 100 each 100 kg of mixture cement (keeping in mind that the more FAST FLUID 100 is added, the lower the required mixing water will be for the same consistency);
  • load the mixer with cement and aggregates (or premixed material) and mix;
  • add the mixing water;
  • add FAST FLUID 100;
  • stir for 1-2 minutes until an homogeneous dough is achieved;
  • add water until the dough the desired consistency is achieved.

The total water all in all used will then be the total mixing water for the set FAST FLUID 100 dosage.


If you are using the combination FAST FLUID 100 + FAST FLUID AG to produce screeds at temperatures down to 0 ° C the best performance is achieved at the following dosages:

  • FAST FLUID 100 = 0.9% by weight compared to cement (equal to 0.80 litres each 100 kg of cement);
  • FAST FLUID AG = 1.5% by weight compared to cement (equal to 1.00 litres per 100 kg of cement).


Flow Improver Additive
for Cementitious Screeds
Chlorides Free


Bulk Density, UNI 8310

g / cm³

1.12 ± 0.09

Kinematic Viscosity, ISO Cup no. 4, 21 ± 1 ° C, ISO 2431


58 ± 2







pH, UNI 8311


7.7 ± 0.4

Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to in the table. 

Main features


Flow Improver Additive
for Cementitious Screeds
Chlorides Free

Warning and informations
  • FAST FLUID 100 is not corrosive and is chlorides free.
  • FAST FLUID 100 is compatible with all pozzolanic and blast furnace Portland cements.
  • FAST FLUID 100 is used in combination with FAST FLUID AG to realize outdoor screeds at temperature down to 0 °C;



12 months in original packaging, in a covered, dry place at a temperature ranging from +5 to +35 ° C. Frost sensitive.