Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder


SC1 BASE is a premixed powder binder that, added to washed sand (set particle size) and a correct amount of water, provides a specific mix for fast drying, shrinkage compensated substrates, suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet and resin coating.

The ideal thickness for SC1 BASE substrates is 5 - 6 cm, but a whole thickness range is available.

Usage field

SC1 BASE is ideal when you want to have in a short time a substrate ready to receive waterproofing coats like BETONGUAINA, floor resins or any kind of tiles.

SC1 BASE allows to lay BETONGUAINA, water based epoxy resins, ceramic and cotto tiles just 24 hours later; rubber or wood floors and carpets will require 10 days.

Heated floors

SC1 BASE produces a perfect substrate for heated floors, suitable for any type of finishing coat.

After laying the screed, start off the heating slowly and then let cool before you proceed with further coatings.


A screed produced with SC1 BASE:

  • Achieves good compression resistance in a relatively short time;
  • Offers the advantages of ready made screeds at a very reasonable price;
  • Provides a low shrink performance.

25 kg bags on 56 bag pallets


Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder


Special attention must be given to the mix during cast preparation; in order to achieve the expected results follow very carefully any warning and instruction given in the "Mode of use", "Warnings" and "Useful tips" sections.

Laying a collaborating or floating screed

First you must decide whether you need a screed that adheres to the existing substrate (collaborating) or a separate one (floating).

Substrates preparation

Preparing the substrate for a floating screed

Spread over the laying surface a waterproof sheet, 200 micron thick minimum, with at least 20 cm overlapping borders. Position a 4 - 5 mm thick strip in expanded material along the perimeter and around pillars (if any).


Preparing the substrate for a collaborating screed

Check the laying surface moisture content and, if exceeding 2.5% (carbide test), apply one or two layers of NORPHEN SW SOLID to form a continuous film, then sprinkle the surface, wet on wet, to form a layer of quartz sand (0.7-1.2 mm particle size).

If the laying surface is dry, position a strip of expanded material along the perimeter (as above) and prepare a grout with 1 part plain GROVE PRIMER and 3 parts SC1 BASE+inert material (the mix used to prepare the substrate).

Apply the grout with a scrubber.

Pour the mix in the next few minutes.

Product preparation

In a drum concrete mixer (with wet inert material)

2 bags of SC1 BASE are normally mixed with 6 parts inert material.

First pour into the concrete mixer the amount of water required (1 litre per bag).

Add the inert material, followed by SC1 BASE, and mix for no longer than 60¸90 seconds, adding the right amount of water for a wet soil consistency.

Unload the mixer and proceed to lay, compact and level the material.

As soon as it starts to harden, smooth it over with a disc machine, spraying (if necessary) a little water on the surface for better finish results.

In a continuous mixer

Pour the inert material and SC 1 BASE into the machine and start it.

Adjust the amount of water to obtain a wet soil consistency.

Get rid of any residual product used to set up the machine as it might jeopardize the final result.

Proceed to lay the mix.

With a pressure pump

Adjust the machine for optimal mixing and pumping power.

Pour enough inert material and SCI BASE for one fill, add water to the right consistency and leave to mix for no longer than 2 minutes.

Unload and proceed to lay the mix.


Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder

Average Consumption

To obtain about 1m3 ready product you need from 220 to 250kg SC1 BASE, depending on the compression resistance you want to achieve.



Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder


Mix life



Application temperature


+5 ÷ +35

Compression resistance of the SC1 BASE + “SC1 inert material” mix, 1:1 ratio (UNI EN 196-1)

At 1 day



At 7 days



At 28 days



Flexural resistance of the SC1 BASE + “SC1 inert material” mix, 1:1 ratio (UNI EN 196-1)

At 1 day



At 7 days



At 28 days



Note: test methods refer to the regulations quoted next to them.


Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder

Warning and informations
  • Make sure you store the bags in the shadow and away from damp areas.
  • Keep strictly to mixing times and water amounts as specified in “Mode of use”.
  • During the hardening phase, do not add water to regenerate the product if it has started to set

Useful tips

  • The introduction, at one third from the bottom, of a reinforcing welded mesh (wire 5mm, opening 20x20mm) will certainly improve product performance and help eliminate any crack due to shrinking.
  • In case of casting restart you should introduce a piece of welded mesh between the cast ends, to avoid any joint formation.
  • Over piping or drainage you must reinforce with a hexagonal mesh (minimum screed thickness no less than 2 cm) to avoid crack formation.

12 months in the original packs, in a sheltered, dry place, at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.

Protect from dampness.


Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder

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