SC 1-F

Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder


SC 1-F is a premixed powder compound that, with the only addition of water, forms a cementitious mixture to be used for making up fast drying, shrinkage compensated sub-soils suitable for ceramic tiles, parquet and subsequent resin coating.

Ideally the thickness of substrates made with SC 1-F shall range from 5÷6 cm, but it can be used to make different thicknesses up to a minimum of 2.5 cm for floating installation on sliding sheet and 2 cm over pipes on radiant floors with subsequent installation of either marble or large format porcelain stoneware tiles. For glued parquet floorings, the minimum recommended thickness (on radiant floors) is 4 cm.

SC 1-F is CE marked according to the European Standard EN 13813 and is classified as CT-C35-F7.

Usage field

SC 1-F is used to obtain at will and in a very short time a substrate ready to receive a subsequent waterproofing coats installation, e.g.:BETONGUAINA, floor resins or any type of tiles.

In fact, SC 1-F allows the installation of BETONGUAINA, water-based epoxy resins and both ceramic and cotto tiles after only 24 hours from casting, but it allows the installation of rubber flooring, carpet and wood after only 10 days.

Underfloor heating

SC 1-F makes possible to create sub-soils ideally suited for heated floors to be subsequently coated with any kind of finish.

SC 1-F is not chemically aggressive towards the most common type of pipes (made of polypropylene, etc.) used in the heating system.

In this case, after the screed is laid, it is advisable to start heating slowly and then switch to cooling, before proceeding with the coatings laying. 


30 kg bag in 56 bags pallets

SC 1-F

Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder


Special attention must be given to the mixture during cast preparation both for what concerns handling the product while dry and the mixture; to this end, great care should be taken in following the warnings as well as the instructions given in the sections "How to use", "Warnings" and "Useful tips", in order to achieve the objectives established for the project.

Installation of a Structural or Floating Screed

First it must be clear whether the to be made screed should adhere to the existing substrate (structural screed) or be separated from it (floating).

Substrate Preparation for Floating Screed

A waterproof sheet (minimum thickness of 200 micron) or a 100 g/m2 geotextile or more shall be applied to the installation area, with edges overlapped by at least 20 cm.

Position a 4÷5 mm thick foam strip along the perimeter and around pillars (if any).

Preparing the substrate to receive a Structural Screed

Check the substrate moisture content and, if it exceeds 2.5% (carbide measured), apply one or two layers of NORPHEN SW SOLID to the bottom until a continuous film has formed, then broadcast the surface, wet on wet, with a layer of quartz sand, grain size ranging from 0.7 to 1.2 mm.

If the substrate is dry, apply a foamed strip all around the perimeter (as above) and prepare a liquid mortar consisting of 1 part of undiluted GROVE PRIMER and 3 parts of SC 1-F.

Apply the grout on the installation surface with a scrubber.

Cast the SC 1-F screed within few minutes.

How to Use

SC1-F screed can be installed in different ways depending on the mixture preparation method.

In a drum concrete mixer

Normally 8 SC 1-F bags at a time can be mixed.

Pour into the mixer all the water needed by the mixture that equals to 2.1÷2.4 litres each 30 kg sack.

Add 7 bags of product and mix for no longer than 60÷90 seconds.

Add a bag or part of it and keep mixing for no more than 2 minutes, ensuring that a mix with a wet soil consistency is obtained.

Take the material out of the mixer and proceed with laying, compaction and then work it with the straight edge.

As soon as it begins to harden, smooth the screed with a disc machine, spraying (if needed) a small amount of water on the surface to get a better finish.

In a continuous mixer

Empty the SC1 bags into the car and start it.

Adjust the water flow until obtaining a wet soil consistency.

Remove any existing residual product used to set up the machine as it might jeopardize the final result.

Proceed with the installation of the screed.

With a pressure pump

Keep in mind that the SC 1-F screeds, being fibrated, has lower fluidity properties than a normal ready-to-use screed. Normally it is possible to pump from approx. 40 meters distance, with a single pipe (jointless).

Therefore, adjust the machine so as to obtain both an optimum mixture and push.

Pour enough SC 1-F for one fill, add water to achieve the right consistency and leave to mix for no longer than 2 minutes.

Download and proceed with the installation of the screed.

Tool cleaning

Clean tools and equipment with clean water. Hardened material can be removed by mechanical means. 

SC 1-F

Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder

Average Consumption

To obtain 1 cm thickness of dry product approx. 15-17 kg of product per 1 m2 shall be used.

SC 1-F

Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder











solid residue




granulometry, UNI EN 933-1




APPLICATION DATA (at +23°C and 50% RH)

mix bulk density




mixing water




pot life




application temperature



from +5 to +35

minimum applicable thickness:

cover to pipework in heated floors



minimum applicable thickness:

Parquet coating laid with glue (radiant floor)



minimum applicable thickness:

for floating installation



curing time for the installation:




curing time for the installation:

cotto and natural stone



curing time for the installation:

wood, vinyl, rubber, carpet



FINAL PERFORMANCE (in accordance with EN 13813)

compressive strength

at 28 days



resistance to bending:

at 28 days



thermal conductivity, l (*)




reaction to fire




Note: The test method refers to regulations as indicated on the table

(*): The determination was carried out using a physical model compatible with the one of the reference standard UNI EN 12664:2002.

SC 1-F

Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder

Warning and informations
  • Be sure to store the bags in the shade and away from humidity
  • Strictly abide to the exact mixing time and water amounts as instructed in the section “How to use”.
  • During the hardening phase, do not add any water to regenerate the product if it has started to set.




12 months in its original packaging, in a covered and dry place. At temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.

The product is moisture sensitive.

SC 1-F

Shrinkage compensated, Medium-Fast Drying Substrates Binder

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