Epoxy and polyurethane waterproofing system


NORPHEN PU is a two-component system consisting of:

  • component A: a mixture of high molecular weight functionalized prepolymers, additives, pigments and fillers;
  • component B: a mixture of copolymerization polyamines.


Once the material is fully cured, it exhibits and retains for a long time excellent properties of water resistance, elasticity, hardness and toughness.

Usage field

NORPHEN PU is used as:

  • a mixture for the realization of elastomeric coves of terraces, flat roofs, balconies, refrigerating rooms and floor-panels coupling;
  • as a highly resistant waterproofing agent for tanks with a high level of water movement (water treatment plants and the like);
  • a gyms elastic coating;
  • cracks or joints medium modulus sealant with high roll on/roll off traffic resistance.



NORPHEN PU is available in packs of 3 - 12 and 20 kg.


Epoxy and polyurethane waterproofing system


Substrate Preparation and Product Application

The product application methods vary depending on the type of coating to be realized.

Terrace Coves:

  • clean and remove dust from corners to be treated;
  • prepare NORPHEN PU (A+B);
  • add 2÷3% by weight of NORPHEN SOLVENTE and 3÷4% by weight of SILICA, and then proceed by applying the product.

Tanks waterproofing:

  • prepare the area performing all the operations needed to obtain a dry, healthy, clean, cohesive base, capable of ensuring the perfect adhesion of the product;
  • apply a coat of NORPHEN FONDO;
  • prepare NORPHEN PU (A+B);
  • apply a generous coat of NORPHEN PU over the surface, roll out PL 100 non-woven fabric and make it perfectly fit to the surface using a steel spatulaapply NORPHEN PU again with a spatula, until complete impregnation of the fabric.

Gym Flooring:

  • on concrete areas flattened down with a plastering trowel, apply a coat of NORPHEN FONDO SL with a spatula and sprinkle with 0.2-0.7 mm quartz sand;
  • the next day apply a coat of self-levelling NORPHEN PU with a notched trowel and a bubble breaker roller, for a coverage of about 3 kg per square meter;
  • the next day finish with a coat of TIPEWALL TRASPARENTE.


  • remove any existing grease material or dust from the crack and apply a coat of NORPHEN FONDO;
  • apply an adhesive tape along the edges of the joint and pour NORPHEN PU on the crack in two coats keeping an interval of 24 hours between each coat. 



Epoxy and polyurethane waterproofing system

Average Consumption

To achieve a thickness of 1 mm, apply about 1.43 kg per m2.


Epoxy and polyurethane waterproofing system


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


1.35 ± 0.05

Superficial drying time, UNI 8904


6 ± 1

Pot-Life, UNI EN ISO 9514


40 ± 10

Application Temperature


from +7 to +35

Impearmeability to water, UNI 8202-21


> 500

Permeability to water vapour, DIN 52615


~ 9000

Tensile elongation (reinforced), UNI 8202


> 50

Low Temperature flexibility, UNI 8202-15°


< -10

Cured Film flexibility


< -10

Disbondment at 180° on concrete, UNI EN 28510


> 80

Reaction-to-fire class DM 26/06/1984, adj. DM 09/03/2001



Ratio A : B

8 : 1

Note: test methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table.


Epoxy and polyurethane waterproofing system

Warning and informations
  • If in wintertime the product becomes very thick, lightly heat the packs components to let them fluidify.
  • During the first days after application, any possible superficial tackiness of the product is considered to be normal and to eliminate it a TIPEWALL coat shall be applied or a little talc spread over.
  • A very thoroughly mix of the two product components shall be carried out by mechanical means and with the exclusion of any manual system.
  • For your safety, abide by the instructions included in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).





Store in a dry place at room temperature between +4 and +30°C. Stable for at least 1 year.