Solvents and miscellaneous products

Building products for all the needs of construction companies and suppliers / retailer of building materials.
Solvents for building developed and produced by by Nordresine point of reference in providing advanced products for building supplies.

Disinfectant, Anti-Mildew and Seaweed Agent for Building Surfaces

AM PRIMER is a ready to use water-based liquid mixture to be laid over any substrate infested with algae and mildew before application of paints and wall coverings. This product exerts a very …

Descaling disincrustant detergent

AZUR is a thixotropic descaling detergent based on phosphoric acid. The formulation contains additives and sequestering agents that prevent corrosion on metals and prevent the removed dirt to deposit again. …

Surface Cleaning Solvent

BETONSEAL CLEANER is a mixture of organic solvents to be used for cleaning the substrate surface before sealing operations.

Decorative Chips

FLAKES are chips (paillettes) of a wide variety of geometrical shapes made ​​of plastic, used  both to create aesthetic finishes (flakes broadcast finishes) and to get nice colour effects. The product is …

Siliceous Aggregate

QUARZO: is a specific spheroidal siliceous inert material to be used in the realization of resin floorings to confer a higher abrasion resistance and an anti-slip effect to the surface for an outstanding grip. …

Aggregate Thickener

Silice is an inert material formed from the pyrolysis of volatile silica compounds using an oxyhydrogenflame. This product is used as a thickener for different types of liquid systems.


SOLVENT FOR chemical nature  distillation  interval (°C) d20 flammability hazards BETON COLOR mixture of ketones and esters 114÷128 0.85÷0.87 R 11 Xn, F CONSOLID GS mixture of ketones 78÷81 0.80÷0.82 …