White Mono-Component
Tile and Natural Stone Adhesive
EN 12004 - F TE C2


MONOTACK® MARMORAPID is a single-component adhesive for marble consisting of cement, white sand of selected granulometry, resins and special additives.

MONOTACK® MARMORAPID shall be prepared by mixing with the only addition of water at the time of laying.

It is ideally suited for laying either natural stones or stone coverings, all the tile types and formats, ceramic and vitreous tile mosaics (vertical/horizontal).

MONOTACK® MARMORAPID is classified C2FTES2 according to EN 12004 since it is:

  • a cementitious (C) improved (2) adhesive, suitable for outdoor application;
  • fast (F);
  • with limited slip (T)
  • with extended open time (E);
  • highly deformable (S2).


Usage field

MONOTACK® MARMORAPID is specifically designed for laying stone, ceramic and vitreous coatings of any types and formats, by overlapping as well, when a white non migrating adhesive is to be used and if both fast setting and  high deformability are required with thickness up to 15 mm.

MONOTACK® MARMORAPID can be used on:

  • both walls and floors coated with either painted rendering  or plaster;
  • rigidly supported plasterboards ;
  • exterior walls coated with cementitious rendering or mortar;
  • either pre-mixed or traditional screeds and self-levelling screeds;
  • gypsum, anhydrite and wood screeds, after treating with Ricrete 1C;
  • concrete;
  • radiant floors;
  • old tiling;
  • floors and walls waterproofed with BETONGUAINA and BETONGUAINA.S, NORTIG FIBER LAST, NORTIG  and other single-component polymeric systems in water dispersion.

MONOTACK® MARMORAPID is highly suited for the installation of:

  • marble, granite, and natural stones (siliceous and carbonate) of all types and sizes;
  • reconstituted-stone;
  • mono- and double-fired ceramic tiles;
  • tiles made of stoneware, porcelain stoneware and clinker of any sizes;
  • terracotta;
  • ceramic and vitreous mosaics with mesh backing;
  • insulating and sound insulating panels (spot-bonding). 

Do not apply to:

  • concrete subject to high shrinkage stresses (e.g.: industrial thin floors);
  • excessively moving substrates and rubber floors;

25 kg bag in 48 bags pallets


White Mono-Component
Tile and Natural Stone Adhesive
EN 12004 - F TE C2


Substrate Preparation

  • perform a thorough cleaning on all substrates with the utmost care, removing all loose parts, oils, grease, paint and any other thing could prevent a proper adhesion of the adhesive;
  • cement/sand screeds curing time can be accelerated significantly by adding FAST FLUID (1.5 liters per 100 kg of cement);
  • ensure that the substrate does not show any sign of rising damp: otherwise carry out the treatment with Q-PRIMER and Q- RASANTE;
  • reinforce all existing chalking surfaces with either NORPHEN SW SOLID appropriately diluted five folds (1:5) with water or NORPHEN FONDO IGRO;
  • shrinkage-flexure joints and cracks can be eliminated by mending them with improved adherence rods, fixed with PLAST EPO.

How to level the laying surface

  • apply RASANTE 1200 to interior walls;
  • apply either LEVEL FINO or LEVEL HB to interior floors; use GROVE MASSETTO on sloped surfaces;
  • use GROVE MASSETTO on exterior floors and RASANTE 2000 2K on exterior walls.

Mixture Preparation

  • pour the mixing water into an appropriate mixing container, and add the adhesive;
  • mix with a low revolution mixer (500÷600 rpm) until a homogeneous, free of lumps mixture is achieved;
  • allow approx. 5÷7 minutes to rest without adding water;
  • re-mix the dough and apply within the next 50 minutes (at 23°C and 50% RH).

Laying the mixture

  • a thin layer of this adhesive should always be spread onto the substrate with the smooth side of the trowel;
  • the desires adhesive layer must be applied using a notched trowel of suitable size for the tile format, as specified here below.

Spatula Type

  • mosaic and small format tile: spatula No.4;
  • tile format up to 30x30cm: spatula No.5;
  • large format tile (greater than 30 x 30cm): spatula No.6.

Tiles Installation

  • Proceed with the installation of the tiles, making sure to put pressure (even beating with rubber mallet) so as to facilitate the widest possible wetting of the anchoring area.
  • On tiles larger than 30x30cm it is recommended to apply a double spread coating if heavy loads, water immersion, radiant floors and exterior tile installation are expected. The backside of the tile should always be totally wetted by the mixture. 

Checking the Adhesive Dough (Open Time)

  • Make sure that adverse environmental and weather conditions do not cause a reduction of the adhesive open time; if a film has formed on the adhesive layer, it shall be removed by adding a small amount of MONOTACK® MARMORAPID to refresh the layer spreading it another time over with the notched trowel.
Tool cleaning

Tools can be cleaned with clear water if the product is still fresh; once the product has cured tools must be cleaned mechanically.


White Mono-Component
Tile and Natural Stone Adhesive
EN 12004 - F TE C2

Average Consumption

Coverage rates from 2 to 4 kg/m2 or more.


White Mono-Component
Tile and Natural Stone Adhesive
EN 12004 - F TE C2


This product is only available in WHITE.






Mixing Water              




Bulk Mass, EN 1015-6



1.65 ± 0.05

Mixture Life




Open Time, EN 1346




Application Time




Operating Time




Shear Adhesion, EN 1348

initial (28 days)



Shear Adhesion, EN 1348

after thermal ageing



Shear Adhesion, EN 1348

after immersion in water



Shear Adhesion, EN 1348

after frost-thaw cycles



Anticipated Adhesion, EN 1348

after 6 hours



Note: testing methods are in accordance with the standards referred to on the table. 


White Mono-Component
Tile and Natural Stone Adhesive
EN 12004 - F TE C2

Warning and informations

Do not apply any type of adhesive on screeds that are too hot due to the extremely hot summer temperature: wet with water to lower the temperature and proceed with the installation preferably in the afternoon.

Do not apply any adhesive to surfaces that are frozen or are expected to freeze in the next 24 hours.

In the case of areas subject to runoff (e.g.: bathrooms, shower rooms, etc..), coat the substrate with BETONGUAINA (BETONGUAINA.S) before gluing.

  • Apply at temperatures between +5 and +40°C.
  • The product (deformable and impermeable)  ideally suited for patching any coating laid with MONOTACK® MARMORAPID is: either COLORFILL FLEX, when a cementitious grouting is required, or EPOSEAL W SOFT when a reactive filler is required.
  • Joints sealing: on walls after 2 hours, on floors after 3 hours.
  • The surface will be treadable in 3 hours.
  • Complete cure: after 24 hours.
  • Complete cure under continuous immersion: after 72 hours






6 months when stored in original packaging, in a covered and dry place between +5°C and +35°C. The product is moisture sensitive.