Non-toxic coating for tanks intended for food contact


NORPHEN FOOD is a two component epoxy-polyamminic product, free from solvents, aromatic amines and phthalic anhydride derivatives specifically designed for coating tanks containing liquids, flour or grain food.

Component A is a viscous liquid, with a neutral colour used as an universal basecoat for all versions of the product. Pigments are contained in component B which is available in nine standard colours reproduced in the NORPHEN FOOD colour chart.


The main properties of NORPHEN FOOD are:

  • thixotropy mixture that makes NORPHEN FOOD ideally suited to vertical areas of tanks and reservoirs;
  • complete product suitability for coatings intended for food contact;
  • chemical resistance of the film to wine, beer, liquor, oil, water, and flour;
  • impermeability of the film to stored liquid food;
  • washability and chemical resistance against cleaning products for hard surfaces normally used in the food industry;
  • gloss finish with textured effect.


All raw materials used to produce NORPHEN FOOD are listed in the positive list of monomers and additives used in the manufacture of plastic material intended for food contact in compliance with the most recent Italian and European regulations. NORPHEN FOOD is a suitable product for food contact, compliant with the Ministerial Decree No. 03/21/73 and its following amendments concerning simulant liquids provided by this legislation.

Usage field

NORPHEN FOOD is used for the realization of waterproof coatings of food storage concrete or metal tanks and reservoirs and for all foods which shall undergo migration testing with the following simulants:

  1. aqueous solution of acetic acid 3% (weight to volume);
  2. aqueous solution of ethanol 10% (volume to volume);
  3. water;
  4. rectified olive oil;


NORPHEN FOOD is compliant with and certified according to the Ministerial Decree No. 03/21/73 and following amendments. In addition to the overmentioned simulants, NORPHEN FOOD is also suitable for contact with hydroalcoholic solutions at 45% and 90% by volume of ethanol.


Tot 1.25 kg = Comp.A 0.85 kg + Comp.B 0.40 Kg

Tot 3.10 kg = Comp.A 2.10 kg + Comp.B 1 Kg

Tot 12.40 kg = Comp.A 8.40 kg + Comp.B 4 Kg


Non-toxic coating for tanks intended for food contact


Substrate Preparation

1.concrete underground tanks previously externally or above ground waterproofed:

  1. carefully check the substrate to ensure it is a suitable and structurally sound base;
  2. subject to the existing conditions of the area, the required treatment shall be chosen between the following:
    • hot water pressure washing;
    • washing by means of acids;
    • sanding;
    • diamond grinding;
    • scarifying;
    • sandblasting.


In this way dust, dirt, grease, oil, old adhesive or paint, laitance, rust, mildew and other extraneous materials will be removed.

  • substrate depressions and inconsistencies must be compensated with products suitable to be coated with epoxy resins (RASANTE 2000 2K, GROVE RIPRISTINO or GROVE RAPIDO, GROVE RASANTE).


2.underground tanks in the absence of external waterproofing:

  • carefully ensure that the substrate is homogeneous, free of loose elements and clean. Then make it ready for the application of NORPHEN W3 IMPERMEABILIZZANTE (see product technical data sheet);
  • apply GLASS MESH reinforced NORPHEN W3 IMPERMEABILIZZANTE (coverage: approx. 1.5 kg/m2) and allow at least 48 hours at +25°C and 50% RH or 72 hours at +20°C 50% RH for full product curing;


3.metal tanks:

  • steel surfaces (not stainless) must be free of rust and concretions and perfectly degreased. In case of existing oxidized surfaces, remove oxide by abrasion or sandblasting grade SA 3 to meet Swedish Standard (SIS) 055900:1967 equivalent to SP5 as outlined by the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) standard or "1st grade quality" as outlined by the British Standards Institution, (BS) 4232:1967. The Roughness Profile shall comply with the Standard Rugotest No. 3 grade N11 as outlined by ISO guidelines;
  • apply a coat of NORPHEN FONDO MA and then allow no longer than 24 hours for recoating with NORPHEN FOOD.


Non-toxic coating for tanks intended for food contact

Average Consumption

Theoretical consumption: 450-550 g/m2 per coat, varying depending on the nature and roughness of the substrate.

Coverage: to achieve 1 mm of thickness, 1.45 kg of product (A+B) must be applied per square meter.


Non-toxic coating for tanks intended for food contact


Bulk Density, UNI 8310


Comp. A

1.47 ± 0.03

Comp. B

1.45 ± 0.03

A + B

1.45 ± 0.05

Pot-life, UNI EN ISO 9514


T = +23°C

50 ± 5

T = +35°C

10 ± 5

Dry residue (A+B), UNI 8309


99.2 ± 0.4

Application temperature


from +15 to +35

Application maximum relative humidity

% RH


Complete cure (23±2°C, 50±10 %RH)



Superficial drying time (tack free), UNI EN ISO 1517


T = +15°C

12 ± 1

T = +20°C

8 ± 1

T = +25°C

6 ± 1

Operating temperature


from -10 to +65

Adhesion to concrete (with a substrate compliant with UNI EN 1323, 2 coats of 300 µm of NORPHEN FOOD), UNI EN 1542


> 2.70


with cohesive failure of substrate (type A)

Permeability to water vapour - µ (400 µm thickness free film), DIN 52615


18000 ±  2000

Abrasion resistance (Taber test: 2x500 g mass, H22 abrasive disc, 1000 rpm), UNI 8298-9


92 ±  4

Liquid-water transmission rate (permeability), 600 µm films in two coats, EN 1062-3


0.07 ± 0.02


Class III (EN 1062-1)

crosslinking ratio (A : B)

by weight

2.10 : 1.00

by volume

2.07 : 1.00

Note: test methods are in accordance with the standard referred to in the table. 

Chemical Resistance

30% hydrochloric acid in water


10% sulfuric acid in water


20% phosphoric acid in water


30% acetic acid in water


10% lactic acid in water


5% tartaric acid in water


15% ammonia in water


soda (sodium hydroxide) 30% in water


3.5% hydrogen peroxide (12 volumes)


aqueous solution of acetic acid (1%) and hydrogen peroxide (0.5%)




ethyl acetate


denatured ethyl alcohol




* Compliant with UNI EN ISO 2812-1:1996 - Method 2 (continuous contact with absorbent material).



Non-toxic coating for tanks intended for food contact

Warning and informations
  • Mix components A and B according to the precise ratios. In the case of partial use of the package, carefully weigh the two components.
  • The product should be stored at temperatures between +15 and +35°C. At lower temperatures the product is too viscous for proper application.
  • Do not apply when relative humidity above 80% RH, or at temperatures below +15°C.
  • The product is irritating. Please read the MSDS of the product carefully before application.

24 months in original packaging, in a covered and dry place. At temperatures from +15°C to +35°C.