Bi-component fluid waterproofing coating for continuous contact and immersion


PU BASE is a bi-component waterproofing system composed of:

  • component A: a mix of high molecular weight prepolymers, additives, pigments and filler;
  • component B: a mix of co-polymerisation polyamines.
  • PU BASE DERADIX: root inhibitor additive (for mixing in with component A) for use when waterproofing flower pots, roof gardens and water/soil containment tanks in general (see below).

After curing, the material remains waterproof, elastic, hard and tenacious throughout its long life.

Usage field

PU BASE is used for:

  • waterproofing flower pots, roof gardens and water/soil containment tanks in general;
  • resistant, long-lasting waterproofing of tanks with high water flows (purifying tanks, etc.);
  • when finished with POOL FINITURA topcoat, it is the ideal solution or fountains and decorative ponds outdoors.



  • is naturally water repellent, and forms a long-lasting, high effective waterproof coating;
  • retains its elasticity even at low temperatures.
  • kit (A+B) 5.5 kg:

A = 5.0 kg (tin); B = 0.5 kg (bottle)

  • kit (A+B) 11 kg:

A = 10 kg (tin); B = 1 kg (bottle)

  • kit (A+B+DERADIX) 5.555 kg:

A = 5.0 kg (tin); B = 0.5 kg (bottle); DERADIX = 0.055 kg (bag)

  • kit (A+B+DERADIX) 11.11 kg:

A = 10 kg (tin); B = 1 kg (bottle); DERADIX = 0.11 kg (bag)

  • PU BASE FILLER 2.2 kg



Bi-component fluid waterproofing coating for continuous contact and immersion


Preparing the surface and applying the product

The application method depends on the type of job at hand.

1)      Waterproofing flower pots, roof gardens and water/soil containment tanks in general:

  • work on a dry surface (max. 4% humidity - calcium carbide method);
  • the surface must be compact, free of any residue capable of preventing good adhesion, and slightly rough;
  • apply one coat of NORPHEN FONDO IGRO primer;
  • prepare the product by adding PU BASE DERADIX into component A with a mechanical mixer (PU BASE DERADIX is supplied in bags batched for a ratio of 1% by weight of A+B);
  • lastly, add component B into component A (including the additive) and mix with a mechanical mixer.
  • The product's viscosity has been designed to make it suitable for applying both horizontally and vertically without the need for thickeners.
  • Use a steel trowel to smooth the product over the surface;
  • apply NYCON 100 reinforcing mesh and impregnate it to saturation (for areas requiring a more flexible mesh, use PL 100 instead of NYCON 100);
  • while still fresh, pour more PU BASE over the reinforcement to fully impregnate it.
  • For a very high strength top layer, proceed as follows:
  • apply a coat of PU BASE loaded with 40% by weight of A+B of PU BASE FILLER (pre-batched package)
  • dust with natural quartz sand (0.3-0.9 mm) until no more adheres
  • remove any loose sand the following day.


If you do not intend to use the entire package, mix the components thoroughly in their separate containers before carefully measuring out the amounts required for the job in the ratio indicated on the label.

If you need to make the product more fluid to facilitate application, add and thoroughly mix in up to 5% of SOLVENT FOR NORPHEN to correct its viscosity.


2)      Waterproofing tanks:

  • Prepare the concrete as required by the situation, for instance:
  • wash new concrete with cold water using a pressure washer, remove any crust with a diamond grinding wheel and, if any air bubbles are present, use RASOMIX or GROVE RASANTE to render the surface;
  • check the quality of old concrete and, if subject to strong acidic aggression, sandblast it down to the unaffected layer and coat it with GROVE 30;
  • if renewing the coating, only leave it in place if it is still adhering well to the substrate, without holes or other discontinuities: otherwise, remove it completely with a diamond grinding wheel.

Once the surface is prepared, apply PU BASE in the same way as for case 1), however without adding PU BASE DERADIX to component A.


3)   Outdoors ponds and fountains

  • Prepare as for case 2) and apply the product as for case 1); there is no need to add PU BASE DERADIX to component A.
  • After 1-2 days, when the PU BASE coating has hardened, prepare a batch of POOL FINITURA finish by mixing components A and B together.
  • Apply one or two coats of the finish with a roller (depending on the colour coverage and selected tone; for details, contact support@nordresine.com).


Non-slip finish (for stairs, walkways, etc.)

For a non-slip finish, proceed as follows after 1-2 days:

  • prepare the A+B mixture as indicated for case 1), adding 40% by weight of PU BASE FILLER;
  • prepare an even mixture;
  • render with a steel trowel (the FILLER in the product enables you to adjust consumption for the required result).


Bi-component fluid waterproofing coating for continuous contact and immersion

Average Consumption

(nominal, on a perfectly smooth surface):

  • with NYCON 100 reinforcement: 2.2-2.3 kg/m2
  • with PL 100 reinforcement: 2.4-2.5 kg/m2
  • non-slip finish: 0.6-0.8 kg/m2 + 40% by weight of PU BASE FILLER.


Bi-component fluid waterproofing coating for continuous contact and immersion


Density                                                                                     component A

component B


1.38  0.03

1.01  0.03

pot-life, UNI EN ISO 9514 (at +23°C, 350 ml A+B)


30  5

application temperature


+7 to +35

operating temperature


–20 to +80

walkover time






Shore A hardness (cured 7 days at 23°C and 50% RH), DIN 53505


87  2

permeability to vapour, DIN 52615


~ 12,000

waterproofing, EN 1928

(hydrostatic pressure: 1000 mm, time 24 hours)




maximum humidity of substrate (calcium carbide method), UNI 10329



adhesion against direct traction, EN 1542


> 3

failure load, UNI EN ISO 527-1 (speed 50 mm/min)                             +23°C




12.0  1.5

15.9  1.0

19.5  1.5

failure elongation, UNI EN ISO 527-1 (speed 50 mm/min)                     +23°C




160  10

160  10

130  15

reticulation ratio

A: B

10 : 1




maximum granularity PU BASE FILLER



Note: the test method is based on the indicated standard.


Bi-component fluid waterproofing coating for continuous contact and immersion

Warning and informations
  • If the product seems very thick during the winter, warm the components up slightly in a bain-marie or use hot air to make them flow better.
  • The product will normally remain tacky to the touch for the first few days after application; this effect disappears in time.
  • Mix the two components very carefully with a mechanical mixer; do not mix them by hand.
  • Cleaning tools: use ACETONE or a nitro solvent before the product hardens. Hardened product must be removed mechanically.

Follow the instructions in the safety data sheet.


24 months in closed original packaging, in a dry place at +5°C to +35°C. Do not allow to freeze.