Waterproofing with counter-pressure

Waterproofing with counter-pressure: has special cements and powder additives for waterproof, rapid action. Contact us for technical details.

Waterproofing Osmotic Cement

NORDCEM is a special inorganic cement with osmotic properties. Once dissolved in a solvent it is capable of penetrating into the substrates micro-revices, chemically react stabilizing the calcium hydrate and …

Fast Setting Waterproofing Concrete

NORDPLUG is a special cement with almost instantaneous setting characteristics and excellent resistance to water negative pressure.

Chloride-free powder admixture
for cement mixes

X-CEM BASE is a special chloride-free powder admixture consisting of inorganic compounds to be added to cement mixes (slurries, grouts and concrete) to increase performance both in the green and the set state. …