Rain, humidity, frost and heat can jeopardise the strength and integrity of your terrace. This is why NORD RESINE has designed and perfected waterproofing membranes. BETONGUAINA prevents deterioration by means of a waterproofing system that ensures long-lasting protection. Innovative solutions that stop water but let water vapour through, thus eliminating blistering-related issues. With NORD RESINE membranes, your terrace will breathe making your home healthier.



How to proceed

BETONGUAINA is the world’s most advanced waterproofing system because it consists of a bi-component liquid membrane that is both waterproof and breathable, making it suitable under any weather conditions!


BETONGUAINA is a waterproofing system that is highly breathable to water vapour and allows for creating terraces guaranteeing the best possible conditions in the underlying rooms. The waterproofing cycle can be applied under any weather conditions (wet or dry substrates, temperatures between 0°C and +50°C), allowing you to work when all the other systems cannot be used.


BETONGUAINA.S is the higher-performing version of BETONGUAINA, specially created to ensure a high degree of strength near cracks in the substrate and in critical temperature conditions. A coating made using BETONGUAINA.S and reinforced with NYCON 200 can withstand cracks of up to 2.5 mm at temperatures below -20°C and up to 1.5 mm at -30°C. BETONGUAINA.S is the only highly breathable liquid waterproofing product that is CE-certified, as prescribed by the European EOTA (ETAG 005 – March 2004) standard for liquid waterproofing membranes for flat roofs with a gradient below 5% in areas subject to harsh weather (-30°C/+80°C).

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Preparing the substrate

It is necessary to start with a screed refurbished in a workmanlike manner. If the screed needs to be refurbished, we invite you to adopt our system: PREPARING AND REFURBISHING THE SUBSTRATE

Create your Betonguaina floor

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