Facade treatment

Treatment of the facades: water repellent and water proof to protect the facades of buildings and civil and commercial dwellings. Nordresine develops advanced solutions for the complete treatment of the facades of the buildings and their cleaning, contact us.

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Ribbon for FRP Systems

CARBOFILL is a standard carbon fibre ribbon featuring high unidirectional resistance, that once impregnated with specific products from the NORPHEN CARBO range gives rise to a composite material with very high …

Non-Yellowing, Consolidating
and Impregnating Agent
for Concrete and Stone Materials

CONSOLID PU is a solution of non-yellowing polyurethane resins that harden due to moisture. CONSOLID PU is used as an impregnating, consolidating, anti-dust and protective agent on concrete floors and stone …

Anti-Smog Alkaline Cleaner

DESMOG A is a special liquid compound with particular thixotropic properties consisting of alkaline hydroxides, surfactants, additives and thixotropizing agents, specially designed to remove smog from building …

Acid Detergent

DESMOG B is a compound consisting of surface-active agents, inorganic acids and additives. This compound is specially designed to complement DESMOG A alkaline cleaning treatment.

Water-repellent, anti-stain and anti dirt agent for in-sight concrete

DRY CONCRETE is a monocomponent, extremely fluid and ready to use fluorinated polymer in colourless solution; Once applied on a concrete surface (or even on an other absorbing building material), DRY CONCRETE …

Protective anti-carbonation paint
for outdoor concrete

NORDCOLOR is a mono-component product based on plastomeric polymers, modifying agents, pigments, additives and water. The product, once applied to any building surface, gives rise to a coloured film, resistant …

Descaling acid gel

NORDECAL FORTE GEL is an acid descaling detergent gel. The product contains hydrochloric acid and is therefore highly effective against mineral-based deposits (lime and cement) that are difficult to remove …

NORDRY 100 » 

NORDRY 100 is a compound of resins in water emulsion that when applied on an absorbent building area can turn it into a water repellent surface, while preserving its permeability to water vapour.

Salt proof impregnating agent

NORDRY 100 ANTISALNITRO  is a water-based polymer compound that, applied to building substrates suffering from rising damp (salt damp) phenomena, penetrates deep down to create a filter that prevents salt …

NORDRY 100 SK » 
Water repellent, consolidating treatment

NORDRY 100 SK is a water-based formula of compounds with functional modification. When applied to building areas subject to chalking, the product forms chemical bonds and homopolymerizes to produce a strong …

NORDRY 200 » 
Solvent-based water repellant

NORDRY 200 is a product based on oligomers and polymers with different functional features, capable to chemically react with inorganic mineral surfaces and make them water repellent, without affecting colour …

NORDRY 200 P » 
Solvent-based water repellant protective treatment

NORDRY 200 P is a product based on functionalized oligomers and polymers capable to react chemically with inorganic mineral surfaces and make them water repellant, without affecting colour and initial …

Elastomeric Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane

RIVENORD LAST is a water-based coating consisting of a dispersion of elastic copolymers, modifiers, additives, pigments and very fine fillers. Once fully cured, the film exhibits excellent water proofness and …

Highly Breathable Waterproof Siloxanes Based Paint

RIVENORD SILAC is a siloxane-based inorganic paint based on polymers with inorganic functional modification, modifiers, additives, pigments and fillers. RIVENORD SILAC is a facade aesthetic and protective …