Latex for cement mortars, primers for funds and waterproofing additives for adhesives and mortars. Innovative, efficient, high-yield and performace. Set a time to meet with one of our technicians.

Waterproofing Flexibilizing Additive for Adhesives and Mortars

BETONLATEX is a product made from an aqueous dispersion of elastomeric polymers, emulsifiers, stabilizers and additives. BETONLATEX is an additive for adhesives and cementitious mortars that is specifically …

Latex for Cementitious Mortars

NORDLATEX is an aqueous dispersion of a blend of an elastomeric polymer, emulsifiers, stabilizers and additives. It is admixed with cementious mixes (without lime), in order increase their features, and …

Adhesion Primer
and for Substrate Preparation

RIVLATEX is an aqueous dispersion of a plasticizer-free, elastomeric polymer. By virtue of the particular size of the particles that make up the dispersion, RIVLATEX is capable of penetrating into micro-porous …

One Component Primer
for Absorbent Substrates

RIVLATEX SU is a ready to use mono component primer based on hybrid resins in water dispersion. Once applied, in a very short time this product gives rise to a waterproof, very compact, glossy and elastic film, …