Smoothing compounds

Smoothing compounds for interior and exterior, epoxy, containing lime and cement. Plasters for interior and exterior surfaces. Discover the benefits thanks to advanced formulations by Nordresine. Contact us.

RASANTE 1100 » 
Lime-Cement Based Skim -Coating for exterior and interior white plasters

RASANTE 1100 is a premixed mono component powder; after mixing with water, it provides an ideal fine finishing layer for interior and exterior white plasters.

RASANTE 1200 » 
Coarse texture Skim Coating for
Outdoor and Indoor Exterior Rendering

RASANTE 1200 is a monocomponent, pre-mixed powder formulated with hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and resins, which, after mixing with water, produces a mixture ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor …

RASANTE 1200 S » 
Coarse texture Skim Coating for
Outdoor and Indoor Exterior Rendering

RASANTE 1200 S is a mono component premixed powder made up of hydraulic binders, sand of specific granulometry, resins and additives, which after being mixed with water gives rise to an ideal primer for  …

RASANTE 2000 2K » 
Two-Component Skim Coat for subsequent surface resin coatings

RASANTE 2000 2K is a product formulated in two components (powder and liquid) to be mixed at the time of laying, composed of quartz sands, cements, additives and resins; after mixing a very soft and creamy …

Grey and White Skim Coating- Plaster
for Indoors and Outdoors

RASOMIX is a fibre reinforced, no-shrinking skim coating-plaster offering high plasticity properties even while setting, designed for any type of skim coating, repair and filling, plus re-forming of missing …

Three Component Epoxy Coating

W3 IMPERMEABILIZZANTE  is a tricomponent product made up of: component A: an aqueous dispersion of liquid epoxy prepolymers, additives and special inert material; component B: an aqueous dispersion …